See You When I See You


QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 12/16/2020

PAX: Milkman, Cleaver, Snatch, Friar Tuck, Roomba

AO: Shot House


Misty. Rainy. Back to misty.


SSH x20 IC

Forward Fold OYO

Willie Mays Hays x19 IC

The Thang

See You When I See You
Partner Up. Run in opposite directions around the track. When Pax meet, complete 2 exercises. Run again till they meet. Complete same 2 exercises with one less rep. Rinse and Repeat until complete.

Pax collect their blocks. Same routine. Carry block. YHC realized quickly this was slightly over zealous, so Pax ran a lap in opposite directions and back to blocks for exercises.

Exercises were Merkins/Squats — Round 1

Exercises were Shoulder Press/Curls — Round 2


Saint Thomas Aquinas, a devout Christian, proposed the idea of Humanism. Humanism simply puts more emphasis on the human mind and its ability to rationalize and use that. At the time, he got in a great deal of trouble for this as it did not align with the church’s “laws”. He still remained committed to his faith.

Do a Google search today and his original philosophy seems to go hand in hand with atheism. Why is that?

Somewhere, at some point, someone los their way, bastardized the original philosophy, and claimed it as their own.

This COT was about Christianity, atheism, Humanism, or even faith. It was about pointing out the effects of people losing their way. Let’s makes sure we don’t lose our way and always keep the courage of our convictions.



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