2020 finale Q – with Merkins


Date: 12/22/20

PAX: Schnitzel, Deep Dish, Abercrombie, 9Volt, El Chapo, Clothespin

AO: the Battery


balmy 35 degrees


Mosey short loop around track and circle up in parking lot in front of pavilion

WMH x10 IC

SSH x20 IC

Fwd Fold x10 IC

Little baby arm circles x12 IC

Little baby arm circles reverse x12 IC

Overhead Press x12 IC

Seal Claps x12 IC

SSH x20 IC

The Thang

Arranged ourselves in a large circle, slightly larger than COP circle

Hold a high plank for 30 seconds

Plank Punches x20 IC

Hold high plank for 20 seconds

Alternating bear crawls to and from center of circle. Move forward when QIC says “attack”, move in reverse when QIC says “retreat”

Plank Punches x20 IC

Mosey to the pavilion

Incline merkins x25 on picnic table bench

Decline merkins x25 on picnic table bench

Plank Jack Merkins IC. Plank Jacks were counted in cadence and immediately matched with merkins to the number that the cadence count stopped on. 3 rounds.

LBC’s x30 OYO

Flutter Kicks x25 IC

6 inches until recover

Mosey to the track and stop and first light pole. Merkin Madness… 60 merkins at first light pole, run to the 5th light pole and do 50 merkins, run back to first light pole for 40 merkins, run to 5th light pole for 30 merkins, run to first light pole for 20 merkins, run to 5th light pole to finish with 10 merkins

Mosey back to lot in front of pavilion

Squats x30 OYO

Forward Lunges x20 OYO

Reverse Lunges x20 OYO

Jump Squats x20 OYO

3 minutes of Mary to finish. LBC’s, Supermans, rest in cadence


QIC encouraged the PAX, as fellow leaders, to be the light for their family on Christmas this year. Christmas 2020 will be very different for a lot of reasons, and our families will be reaching for reasons to be happy in the midst of it all. First and foremost, Jesus is the reason for the season, and we are responsible for making sure that this is the primary focus. As leaders, we of course can be subject to feelings of sadness and frustration that things aren’t the way they always have been. We also can’t just snap our fingers and change the circumstances. What we can do, is rise above our feelings and project strength and happiness for others to hold onto. Happiness and laughter will bring joy to your family members who may be struggling. Get out front and bring that cheer! No matter how small your Christmas gathering is, use it as a time to push your loved ones into 2021 with a nice Christmas memory. Momentum is so powerful!


El Chapo left a Christmas present on my car by mistake. It was addressed to Abercrobmbie, and I’m totally jealous


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