Just Some Wheat and Potatoes at Anvil

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 01/04/2021

PAX: Blackout, Fissure, John Doe, Shawshank, Sidekick, Sniffer, Threeskin, Woodrider Wrecked ‘EM

AO: Anvil


31 degrees. Extremely foggy.


SSH x20 IC
LBCs x10 IC

The Thang

99% Leg Day at Anvil. Man, things sure look good on paper. Then, those things take so much longer than one would expect.
Hind Quarters
Run a quarter of the track and complete the following
20 Regular Squats
20 Yoga Squats (Feet Together)
20 Pause Squats (Pause for 1 sec at parallel)
20 Lunges (hard way) — later audibled for time’s sake
Process was repeated for two laps, decreasing a single rep at each quarter.

1 Goblet Squat
10 Curtsy Lunges

Mary = 50 Monkey Humpers IC


Anvil generally sees much smaller numbers than today’s count. Consistently, however, those numbers almost always include Threeskin and Fissure.
On the New Year’s Day Converegence, Threeskin gave a great COT that led me to start looking for inspiration in my life as well as for my next COT. Many things crossed my mind, but I kept coming back to the two guys that seem to always be at Anvil. I wanted to give this riveting COT to inspire guys, but I settled on the COT that was planned for me, Threeskin, and Fissure. A more personal COT. A COT geared direct “at” those two guys especially Fizz.
It went a little something like this: Fissue and I have had a crazy history in the few years we have known each other. Daily talks that come with a close friendship all the way to a very significant falling out. Either way, he and I have gone through some F3 and life “crap” together. Well, in preparation for the COT, I thought about those consistent Anvillians. I realized that, whether I liked it or not and, for the longest, despite my reaction, they provided unbridled feedback with utmost of intent of trying to make me better.
It takes someone special to keep coming back and helping someone that seems to indicate zero desire for said help, but Threeskin and Fissure did for the longest time especially Fissure. He deserved to know I still recognize this. He deserved to have it said, out loud, to other Pax whether they already knew it or not.
YHC did add this: as the new year begins you often here of people developing their “one word”. Often times, the ones that get all the love are those expected and common words: “commit”, “work”, “effort”, perservere”, but what about a less common one, I don’t know, say….”not”.
That’s right, “not”…as YHC goes into the new year, that’s the “one word”. Not going to stop loving. Not going to stop giving grace. Not going to be impatient. Not going to close off to feedback. Not going to stop trying to develop more self awareness. Not going to strive to be better. Not going to quit on those who depend on me.
“What about ya’ll? Do you have one word that strives to do the same things?”


YHC truly wishes he has the memory to adequately recount the MC from this Q.
Sidekick likes to Google while reading the paper in his rocking chair yelling at people on his lawn.
Nobody can ever make a more confusing, yet passionate Slack announcement than our friend Duck
John Doe’s attire — that is all
YHC only missed a hundred or so great lines from MC this morn


Ask Sidekick — people tell him everything ahead of time….I think

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