1/2 — North GA Takeover

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 01/06/2021

PAX: Blue, Bobbit, Dundee, Gretel, Hasbro, NordicTrack, Ponce (Respect), Roomba, She Shed, Snatch, U-Turn

AO: Detention


28 degrees. As far as conditions, the Q was unable to clearly articulate the change of meeting spot this Gloom. It was quite humorous to the Q and Roomba to watch it all develop. In the best turn of irony, U-Turn had to, well, make a U-turn to get to the correct meeting spot.


SSH x21 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Willie Mays Hays x12 IC
Quick Count SSH x21 IC

The Thang

Today’s titled came from the fact that Sidekick and YHC were both Qing the Hixson AOs.

Run a Lap

50 — Bent Over Rows
Run a Lap

40 — Upright Rows
Run a Lap

30 — Bent Over Rows
Run A Lap

20 — Upright Rows
Run a Lap

10 — Bent Over Rows
Run a Lap

50 — Shoulder Presses
Run a Lap

40 — Curls
Run a Lap

30 — Shoulder Presses
Run a Lap

20 — Curls
Run a Lap

10 — Shoulder Presses
Run 2 Laps
Any Pax finished with the whole routine before time starts back over with 50 Bent Over Rows.

90 Bent Over Rows/90 Shoulder Presses
60 Upright Rows/60 Curls
Distance: Top Finishers — Ponce & Blue @ 3.1 miles; ALL Pax completed AT LEAST 2 miles. Kudos to Bobbitt for continuing to come back and only get better AND sprinting his last 100M!


Today’s COT centered around a HIM who, despite my best efforts, still has not tried F3. George Wilson has a brother. His brother seemed to be the favored child and was just sworn in to his 4th term as a county sheriff. His brother has always looked younger. His brother, however, knows very little of the sacrifice, humility, and love that George exhibits. While the brother is a quality man, he has not spent a lifetime of putting others before himself. George began a career in teaching but upon the merger of Rossville High and Chattanooga Valley High to form Ridgeland, his program was eliminated. He had two choices: go to work for his dad at a service station or go back to school to complete a Bachelor’s Degree to continue teaching, he chose the former. He did this to maintain security for his family as his son was just coming off major heart surgery.
The service station was just that: a true service station. It opened in 1958, provided the only Greyhound Stop between Chattanooga and Atlanta, the first provider of U-Haul services in the area, and provided a full service island in which patrons received a clean windshield, gauged tires, checked fluids, and of course a full tank of gas.

Fast forward 30 years later — The service station still stands, proudly, as almost a historic landmark for the town of LaFayette, Georgia. Paw Paw has gone on to glory. The EPA came in and removed the gas tanks — (sounding like an Alan Jackson song yet?). The full service island is gone. The original car lift is now just a reminder of past nostalgia.

Still reading? Good. Now you get to hear the things that have not left. George Wilson, named for his father George Wilson, is still there. The service that began in 1958, yeah that’s still there too. The sacrifice spoken of previously, yeah that’s still there too. You’ll find that in the jar of pickled beets George received as form of payment from an elderly woman who could not pay in cash. The community’s love for the “coldest water in town” in that old water found, yeah that’s still there too. The absolute love for the people, the customers from George, yeah that is still there too; because well, that is one thing “you just never sacrifice, because, in life, all ya got is your name, so you better treat people right”. A day in, day out struggle in the heat and cold to provide for others, yeah that’s still there. The wonder if business will be enough to cover everything, yeah that’s still there. Oh, the best mechanic in there area, Jonah, yeah he’s still there too.

Wait a minute: George runs that shop, right? Absolutely he runs that shop, and he’s still running it; because, he knows the importance of swallowing pride and surrounding himself with the best people possible. Now that community down there knows they can still get the best care, love, and selflessness that comes from George at the same place they can find the best mechanic.

George is getting tired. He wants to spend time with grandchildren. He wants to let it all go, but knows so much “service” will be lost. Sacrifice.
So, YHC closes with this (thanks for sticking through this far): George Washington Wilson (Paw Paw) passed his name (George Dale Wilson) and service/selflessness to his son. His son that most know has Dale Wilson. I just know him as Dad.


It really wasn’t necessary to tell us where you feel the upright rows — She Shed
Math sucks in 30 degree weather after 2-3 miles, 300 reps, and a Namearama — The Collective Pax
NO — Snatch
Shut up Blue — Snatch


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