Mount of Olives

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 01/11/2021

PAX: A-A-Ron, Burrito, Gusher, Hambone, Joanna, Mansiere, Pediasure, Recycle, Snow Patrol

AO: Convoy


I’m sure there was a temperature. I’m also certain there was a ‘felt like’ temperature.
So, in that same vein – it was chilly, but it felt like men were there to make one another better.

So, two can play THAT game.


Note: Look, there was a disclaimer and it maybe went on a little longer than necessary. And maybe I caught a little hell about that from some of my nearby contemporaries. I like to be thorough, what can I say? Suffice to say, 1YHC has yet to be sued for some sort of negligence of property or discernment/judgment. So, there’s that.

Warm Up; SSH and nothing else mattered

The Thang

With the presumably surreptitious warm-up in the rear-view mirror, it was time to get the pax what they had all been longing for…
Mike Tyson’s with Bear Crawl
Mike Tyson (MT) to the middle of the parking lot; the open travel lane / space between here and there.

1 MT rep, bear crawl to the space between/block, 2 MT reps, back to where you started, 3 MT reps; and so on, and so forth.

Originally scheduled for 11 of those, but not “No”, uhh, “Hell No”; Omaha stop at 7 or 8 or wherever you were. The Pax were glad and invigorated at that point. Lots of back-patting occurred, cheers and ‘attaboys’ were given. For a moment, it was all that I needed to deliver the next level of pain.

But first… two lengthy sprints. Added anticipation on the “On your Mark.. get Set”…”GGGGGGGGG”… Burrita was disqualified more than once from trying to get a head start.

25 block curls after the down/back sprints

Jump Squats with Lunge
Similar to the above format, except with different exercises. This time, as Spinal Tap would have really enjoyed, “this one goes [sic] to eleven”.

2 Burrita disqualifying jail breaks and 25 block curls later and that’s a wrap for this nonsense.

Finished with a parking space sequence. I demonstrated how to properly space yourself with one padded space between you and the next pax member; in adherance to proper Covid-19 Nantan guideline and protocols described in his COT for the Mounties only a few weeks earlier. Were he not in quarantine jail and seen it himself, he would have been proud of the execution. This ain’t your Dad’s – Alannis Moresette definition of ‘Ironic’ – boys.

First Round:

> 1 Burpee / Parking Space (20 Spaces); when your line finishes, back to start
> 2 HR Merkins / Parking space (20 Spaces); when your line finishes, back to start
> 3 …. wait, time’s up. Maybe next time.


MT 24: 1-14
Jesus is teaching on the mount of olives (be still my heart) and the disciples are asking him when the end of the world will happen, what it’ll look like, what will signal His return and what will end the world.

He says simply in verse 4 & 5, “don’t let anyone mislead you. For many will come in my name claiming ‘I am the Messiah’, they will deceive many”.

Jesus goes further and talks of things to come and what to expect (natural disasters, warring nations and crippling famines). He calls them “birth pains” and warns them to expect worse.

This was a timely message when I read it a couple weeks ago. And it hit hard as I went back and re-read this passage given how last week unfolded (riots, storming capital building in DC, etc.). Now, I can’t predict the future (surprise!), but I don’t think that last week is the only time we will see this kind of calamity. By all accounts, it was very bad. But know that it could have been worse. Remember… “birth pains”.

And we may be asking, is this what the end looks like? What will signal that end? And it’s this curiosity that may cloud our own perspective. Especially when you’re on the lookout for the next thing. Fixated, even. In this state, we become susceptible to being deceived. Just as folks last week acted upon deceptions of fraudulent activity in politics and created an uprising putting people around them in danger. All for what? Who were they serving?

In Jesus’ own words, we need to be focused on the root of our faith, and the hope and truth of what that offers. We need NOT look for ‘special signs’ but instead look at what we’ve been shown and taught all along. We need to love and respect our neighbor first. We need to look to our creator and follow His example. The rest will take care of itself.


  1. Burrita doesn’t have to cheat to be fast, but assuredly he’s faster when he cheats.
  2. There were plenty of conversations happening that I am unable to document to a purposeful extent. One such discussion was around sports movies; ranking best to worst. Burrita led the charge, shouting “it’s Hoosiers and it’s not even a discussion!” However, it was Joanna Gainz who hit the nail on the head when he offered, ‘Baseketball’; with that, and others mentioned 2(Tin Cup, Rocky, Days of Thunder, Ladybugs, Trouble with the Curve, The Love Bug), but all were way distant second’s.
  3. If you come to convoy for the track workouts, you’re missing 90% of the fun that lies in wait. This is a great spot Mounties! Let’s continue to popularize this AO


Nothing really noteworthy, although upcoming Q’s were discussed.

1 Knock on wood
2 All/some of these were made-up and never entered the discussion; it was more serious than represented here. In fact, some people almost died as their words were insufficient in proving their side(s) and the heated discussion quickly turned to blows pre-COT.

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