Preparedness — G3L

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 01/28/21

PAX: Bru Cru (Respect), Captain Wafer, Cupid, Deer Jack, Gimli, Kowbell, Offset, Oil Can, Ringwald, Skitch, Sunshine, The Count (Respect, Respect), Uncle Fester, V-Squared

AO: Hill City


Somewhere between 25-35 degrees. The Hill City felt more like the Windy City, so who knows what that “feel like” temperature was. Some snow flurries spitting about.


SSH x20 IC
Forward Fold OYO
SSH x15 IC

The Thang

Well, with the rarity of my opportunities to Q at Hill City, I try to pay some homage of men who’ve Qed a workout in which I have attended, or ones that seem to go well at that AO
Route 66

Light Pole 1 — 1 Burpee

Light Pole 2 — 2 Burpees

Light Pole 3 — 3 Burpees

Continue this ascension with each light pole until the 11th light pole is reached.

Complete 9 consecutive burpees once the Route 66 Routine is complete. (Explanation in the COT)
What Goes Up…Must Come Down

What Goes Up…Must Come Down

4 — Shoulder Tap/Mountain Climber Combos (2 taps:4 climbers)

6 — Bulgarian Split Squats (Hard Way)

8 — Foxholes (BBSU to Merkin)


10 — Dolly to Leg Raise Combo

12 — Bobby Hurleys

14 — Derkins


16 — Gas Pump to Rosalita Combo

18 — Monkey Humpers

20 — Seal/Overhead Clap Combo


Rinse and Repeat in descending order.


I came across the Backblast from my first ever Q at Hill City.  It was a really cool day as two FNGs were named that gloomy morning, one of whom is now your AOQ.  The other strayed away but is now quite the staple, consistent member of F3 Chattanooga.  On that morning, I paid tribute to Delta.  Delta led the first ever workout I attended in F3 Chattanooga back in 2017  I, once again, paid a little tribute to him this morning.

There have been many, many others that have inspired me, motivated me, loved me, and posted with me.  To those men, I will always be grateful as I am for each of you this morning who chose to attend. Looking across and seeing Ringwald (AOQ), who passed to Skitch, who passed to Sunshine is such a rewarding experience, especially because YHC was blessed with the opportunity to see each named AND Q the very day Sunshine was an FNG.

All that being said, let me set a reminder for all of us that we have a responsibility to do our best to be the type guys I mentioned above. Our sons and daughters, friends, neighbors, family don’t all necessarily deserve a man who acts in this manner, but that’s the exact reason we must do it.  Truly taking on responsibility to care for others requires giving that care in spite of how deserving those receiving care deserve it. It is never about someone deserving our grace and love, it’s about giving no matter what happens in life.

F3 is chalked full of jargon, acronyms, almost to the point of it’s own language. There is actually a lot of good that comes from some of it. The Q Source, written by Dredd, naturally is filled cover to cover with said jargon. In it, he speaks of a man’s G3L which addresses Preparedness. Truly being prepared requires a man to have total alignment with his G3L. We are a month into 2021, still plenty of time to align your G3L which says this: a man must Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, and Leave Right. That last part is so important. It is the legacy part. As you align the first Three, make sure you are doing so that it leads to a lasting positive legacy.


Extra points for smiling at the camera through your legs… — Ringwald
Props to Gimli, merlot came but the effort never slowed
Oil Can is able to reach the top shelf when he climbs on the other shelves — also he’s a running beast
The Count was disappointed he didn’t have those “mall walker” weights for his favorite exercise: The Seal Clap/Overhead Clap Combo


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