Stop Sign Stinger

QIC: Holy Kiss

Date: 01/28/2021

PAX:   Pediasure, Gusher,  Laces Out, Prosciutto, Red Raider, Pound Dog, Natty Light, Pelt, Recycle, Burrito, Joanna Gainz, Zima, Mansiere, Jorts, Money Ball, Sidekick, Backseat, Whittler

AO: Smackdown


31 Degrees and a little snowy, but we warmed up quick


SSH X 25, Little Baby Arm Circles X 15 and reverse X 15, Seal Claps X 15, Overhead Claps X 15, Willy Mays Hays X 10, 3rd Grade Exercise x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15

The Thang

Stop Sign Stinger

Field trip through Brow Estates. Round of exercises at every stop sign we passed. S= Squat Jumps x 10, T = Twinkle Toes x 10, O = Outlaw x 10, P= Parker Peters x 10. Total of 8 stop signs passed for 80 reps each exercise

Bleacher Beatdown (Partner Up)

Round 1: 200 Dips. One PAX starts dips on bleachers while partner does 5 Burp-ups (Burpee Pull Ups) on back side of bleachers. Lap around to relieve partner until 200 dips complete

Round 2: 100 High Knee Step Ups. One PAX starts High Knee Step Ups on bleachers while partner runs a lap around bleachers


LBC x 25, Flutter Kicks x 20, Heal Touch x 20, Freddie Mercury x 15, Rocky 4 x 15, BBS x 15, Pickle Pointers x 15


2020 brought a lot of challenges to everyone in different ways. It impacted my business significantly, caused issues with kids school schedules, and caused stress in general. I had a range of reactions from anger, skepticism, and placing blame. Had to continually remind myself to stop focusing on the things out of my control and focus on what is in front of me each moment of each day that I can control.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding – Proverbs 3:5


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