Twisted Sister

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 01/29/2020

PAX: Milkman, Dundee, U turn, Nordictrack, Squid, Snatch, Slois Lane, Sherlock, She Shed, Cleaver

AO: Shot House


27 and Clear


Forward Fold; Willie Mays Hays; SSH ICX20; Seal Claps ICX15; Overhead Press ICX15; Slow Squats ICX15; Mosey with block to track

Warm Up Round Duex

On the Bleachers –

Round 1 – Ircan, Box Jump; 2 Ircans, Box Jump; 3 Ircans, Box Jump; Repeat to the top. Last round was 12 Ircans

Round 2 – Alternating groin stretch/lunge X2 per step

The Thang

Twisted Sister

This is a Dora Variant where instead of traveling as a timing method, we do 15 Squats.

Round 1 – 200 Block Curls. PAX 1 knocks out 15 squats while PAX 2 completes as many block Curls as possible; switch and repeat until a cumulative total of 200 reps are complete

Run a lap

Round 2 – 150 Overhead press

Run a Lap

Round 3 – 100 Kettle Bell Sings; Sub reverse lunges for squats

Run a Lap

Not enough time for another round so we knocked out 25 Mercans and 25 BBSU


State of the union for F3 Chatt. We have grown a lot over the last 4 years. Lots of new places to go and people to see. Keep up the efforts on EH and spread the joy that F3 brings to you


Possible Tuff Muff on the Horizon

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