80% Legs, 90% Rain, 100% Gloom

QIC:  Blackout

Date: 02/22/2021

PAX: Tatonka, Threeskin, WuzntMe

AO: Anvil


Blackout was on Q so only one option was available from a weather standpoint: Rain and Wind. True gloom status. 48 degrees with rain for entirety of beatdown


Mosey one lap around track

  • SSH x25
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x10
  • Forward Fold (silent for the pleasure of Threeskin)
  • SSH x25

Mosey one lap around track

The Thang

80/20 Leg/Core Intervals (45 seconds work/10 seconds rest)

  • Goblet Squats w/ block
  • Lunges w/ block
  • Toe Merkins on block
  • BBSU w/ block
  • Jump Squats (no block for everyone’s safety)
  • Reverse Lunges w/ block
  • Alternating Side Squats w/o block
  • Flutter Kicks w/ block

Ran one lap after 8 interval exercises. Performed this interval and lap 3 times total.

Turned on “Flower” by Moby (Sally up, Sally down). Instead of planks/merkins, we did squats to Sally. When the song said down we went into a low squat and when the song said up, we came up out of the low squat.

Finished with 4MOM

  • LBCs x25 (WuzntMe)
  • Twisted Scissors x20 (Tatonka)
  • Pickle Pointers x20 (Threeskin)
  • Freddie Mercuries x20 (Blackout)


Shared a little of the gospel reading and sermon from church on Sunday. The gospel reading from the New Testament was related to the 40 days in the desert. This is a story of Jesus avoiding temptation and becoming exactly who God made him to be. Mentioned a couple of things that stood out to me: 1) Temptation and 2) Repentance

It is important and crucial to avoid temptation. The sermon on Sunday talked about squashing it before it ever starts because it can be very similar to peer pressure. Once you let the temptation in and begin dialogue with the devil, the heart and mind become lost and the devil can respond and converse with you further along the line of falling into temptation. Easier said than done, but try to squash that right off the bat.

Also in the spirit of the Lenten season, repentance is a hot topic. I am trying this year to look at repentance as a step forward to not only finding forgiveness and God again but also to finding myself again. So often repentance is seen as negative because it requires asking negative questions, stopping negative habits, asking for forgiveness for negative sins, and discussing negativity all around. I challenged the PAX to think of the negativity as stairs to get back to the individuals we are meant to be in life. Getting back to our best selves is the only way to truly serve our families, communities, colleagues, friends and fellow PAX. If we see this as a progression and not with negative connotations, then we can strive to be our best selves.


A fair amount of MC this morning, which was great. That said, we decided that April at Anvil is “anaerobics and a-holes” so if you want a brutal workout, Anvil is the place for you in April (and really, any other time of the year)

John Doe on Q for first Anvil March workout. Therefore, March is “Modify March”, only for one week, than it goes back to “Merkin March”

Many more laughs had this morning, can’t recall them all at the moment.


3rd F in full swing. Look for 3rd F channel in Slack or reach out to John Doe. Following opportunities available:
Chubby’s Homeless Ministry – Mondays 6:00 pm downtown Rossville Blvd.
Habitat for Humanity Build – April 17, 2021.

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