Sousa’s Monday “Fun”-Day

QIC:  Sousa

Date: 02/22/2021

PAX: Ramrod, White Glove, John Doe, Radar, Purple Rain

AO: Beast Ridge


Light Drizzle with plenty of puddles to make you blow a tire.


SSH- 20 count

SSH- 30 count

SSH- 40 count

Forward Fold- Slow 10 count

Third Grade Exercise- 10 count

Bonnie Blairs in Cadence- 10 count hard count

World’s Greatest Stretch- 10 count both sides

Monkey Humpers- 15 count

The Thang

“Something Fun”

Start with an Indian Run, Run toward Front of park and circle back

Once Back, 10 Burpees

Another Indian Run, Once back 9 burpees,

Rinse and Repeat until down to 1 burpee.


We rolled the workout dice, after each man had a roll, we took a lap, we got through about two rounds of this before Time was up!


Sometimes in life you have to do something fun. I don’t just mean do something different to make things more enjoyable or to simply pass the time, I mean something fun that is exciting and genuinely brings joy to your soul. This may be bringing donuts home to the kids, it may mean taking a day off work just to be dad and spend time with your family. It may be planning a day trip, weekend trip, or 7 day vacation. Be wise with your spending but allow yourself to have a good time occasionally and don’t worry about spending a little money. If you are wise and are good stewards with your money, regardless of what you make you should have some fun money budgeted in anyways. Have fun, and enjoy life the responsibly the way we were designed to do. The Thang sucked at first, so the audible was “Strategically placed” to allow for some “fun” even in the wet gloom!


Called some audibles on warmup exercises. We may have almost gotten hit by a couple different cars, but luckily there were some “real leaders” there that prevented this from happening as my young and reckless Q style almost cost us a couple PAX. Lesson learned “Always run against traffic, never with!” and Lesson understood moving forward! All in all, it was a great beatdown to start off the week!


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