Dad Doodie

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 03/10/2021

PAX: Band Camp, Burrito, Cleaver, Hambone, Magnum, Milkman, RadioHead, Recycle, Roomba, Sherlock, Slois Lane, Snow Patrol

AO:  Shot House


40ish – chilly, but not for long


Forward Fold OYO
Willie Mays Hays ICX10
Iraqi Tea Time OYO
Reverse LBAC ICX10
Seal Claps ICX10
Overhead Claps ICX10
Chinooks ICX10

The Thang

7 Stations – Dad Activity Related
Each station had 2 PAX (except one) PAX rotate stations when station #7 (Stroller Shuttle) completed

  1. Pickle Pointers – Where it all starts
  2. Farmers Walk – AKA Car Seat Carries
  3. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes – Silly Song Time
  4. Bunny Hops – One legged because of Lego damage to the other foot.
  5. John McCains w/sandbag – Like a piggy back ride, with a lot of low doors
  6. Elf on the Shelf – Holiday Prep
  7. Stroller Shuttle – PAX runs with jogging stroller (you know, exercise is king) at ~50 meters PAX returns to start to put child (rucksack) in stroller. Runs ~100meters & returns.

Continue (b)rotation until time


I have read a lot this year about the importance of fruitful labor, this week I read & was challenged by the below lines from
Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley:

“No area of a man’s life has more potential for improvement than his relationships. Most men, in pursuit of the good life, leave a trail of broken relationships… No amount of success at work will ever be adequate to compensate for failure at home. We each need to do a gut check. Do my wife and children know that I am for them by the way I spend my time.”

I have been focused on work a lot lately. It is a good thing to care about your work, I just felt challenged, and wanted to share the challenge to make sure you don’t neglect the things that are most important.


Burrito was there; his shorts were not.

The strollers were a big hit, but will NEVER be repeated. YHC did not leave them for FiA tomorrow morning. Had to return them before M noticed.

The stations created a great opportunity for MC and awkward but intense eye contact. These opportunities were not missed.


Prayers for Night Sweats & family

F3 Softball team – if you have ANY interest go to the softball channel.

FiA meets at Shot House AO tomorrow for any M’s interested.