Parliament Powerlift Party

QIC:  Wood Rider

Date: 03/12/2021

PAX: John Doe, WoodRider, Tatonka, Abercrombie, Shawshank, Cavity Search, Clothespin, Dimples, Flamer, Blackout, Coldplay 

AO: Parliament


52 degrees and lovely


21 SSH

15 LBCs each way

15 Morakin Night clubs

15 Self esteems

Forward Fold to downward dog

Bah with the Ba Bang the Dang Burpie Burpie (3 mins). 

The Thang


12 stations. All exercises with coupons using 35 and 48 pound “Big Boy” coupons. All exercises are done AMRAP style with the guy doing double farmers carry acting as the “timer”.

1- Lying coupon “prayer press” 48 lbs

2- Double coupon bar bent over rows (75 pounds total)

3- Standing coupon shoulder press 35 lbs

4- Standing coupon conduit curls (36” pipe ran thru a coupon so both arms can perform curl) 48lbs

5- Standing tricep extensions (30 pounds)

6- 40 yard double coupon farmers carry 75 lbs

7- Lying coupon chest press (48 lbs)

8- Bend over underhand coupon rows 48 lbs

9- Conduit coupon front raises (similar to alpine raises, but without the awkward crossover grip) 35 lbs

10- Single arm coupon curls (10 reps each arm, then switch) 35 lbs

11- Negative merkins (on your knuckles in plank position, slowly lower yourself for a five count, then press back to starting plank. The focus is on the eccentric movement here, not the press back up)

12- Big Boi Sit-ups

13- Derkins (Decline Merkins)

The timing worked out to roughly 20 reps of each exercise before switching. We did three rounds

Ended with Plank-Merkin Mary to “Don’t Bring Me Down” by Electric Light Orchestra (Merkins on the word “down”)


With the theme of Strength building we talked through Psalms 91:2 “I say this about the LORD, my shelter and my stronghold, my God in whom I trust.”

If God is your stronghold He is there to provide strength to you when you feel weak. That said, He is also there when you are tempted to rely on your own strength. The trick is to reply on Him in all circumstances. Let Him be your stronghold and strength in all things.


One day I have to upgrade my speaker. Maybe I’ll just borrow Blackout’s…


[Keep Night Sweats family in your prayers. Planning a convergence at Ridge Cut on what would have been his VQ (3/26/2021).

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