The Burpee Mile (or More) Came to Shothouse

QIC: Blue

Date: 3-12-21

PAX: Radiohead, Milkman, U-turn, Slois Lane, Dundee, Nordic Track, Snatch, Tasty Cakes, Sherlock, Gretel

AO: Shothouse


A warm 55° with a bit of humidity in the air, needless to say, things were moist.


Started off with some SSH’s (51) to pay homage to John Doe’s Wednesday Q at Detention and get nice and warmed up. Then some shoulders, legs and other various warmup exercises.

The Thang

Lap 1

Start with 5 Manmakers (burpee w/ a coupon) OYO, then 10 CPR’s (curl, sh. press, tricep raise) OYO. Then moseyed around the track stopping 4 times to do 5 “Kraken Burpee’s” OYO, (a burpee with 3 Hand Release Merkins……release the Kraken)

Lap 2

5 Man-makers OYO, 15 CPR’s, moseyed around the track stopping 5 times to do parts of a “deconstructed Burpee”. 10 Squats, 10 Leg thrust\groiners, 10 Merkins, 10 leg thrusts, 10 jump squats.

Lap 3

5 Man-makers, circle of CPR’s x2, while the PAX hold coupon rifle carry. Moseyed around track stopping a total of 10 times to do “Contra Burpee’s” (burpee w/ increasing number of Merkins)

Lap 4

5 Man-makers, 10 CPR’s. Moseyed around track stopping 4 times to do 5 “Body Bag Builder Burpee’s” (A body builder burpee w/ one mtn climber) 2 stops, then 5 reg. Burpee’s for 2 stops. A PAX had mentioned hating “10 counts” and jokingly said, “offer a 10 ct. then about the number 8, say 5 Burpee’s OYO”, so that’s what happened this lap.

For time, 5 man-makers OYO, 15 CPR’s OYO, 5 Burpee’s OYO, then form a circle and up/downs w/ a “Navy Seal Burpee” (Burpee w/ 3 Merkins & 1 mtn climber) each PAX calling down until time.


Other than announcements and prayer requests w/ a prayer to close us out, I completely botched a COT message. I kicked my own ass with that Q to the point I just skipped what I had planned to say. No one said anything though. My COT was supposed to be about Grace and patience.

Mumble Chatter

Most if not all of the PAX talked about how wonderful it was to be doing another Blue’s Q and burpees. Dundee had described my Q’s as being a culmination of everything and anything the PAX hated from the previous week. To quote Dundee paraphrasing my thinking, “you don’t like Burpees, guess what bitches, I got 45 min of them”, I still find that hilarious. Snatch decided that he will definitely be delivering a paper bag full of goodies to my front porch and will even set it on fire to help me find it in the gloom. All PAX were appreciative AFTER the workout was done for the motivation and pushing to get better.