Big Hill. Big Burpees. Big Picture.

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 03/26/2021

PAX: Carebear, Offset, Pink Panther, Zima, Recycle, Burrito, Blindside, Moneyball

AO: Lions Den


Stayed dry for us but ground was wet and semi humid


Grabbed our blocks and shuffle mosey’d to the big hill with a pit stop to SSH, fwd fold, imperial walker, iraqi tea time, tea pot

The Thang

This was all OYO
Ran to first light pole and returned to your block
1 burpee jump over (burpee on one side of the block, jump over block, 1 burpee
Ran to the second light pole and return to your block
1 burpee jump over, jump back, burpee, jump over, burpee (4 burpees)
You get the picture. Each return trip to your block we did that number light pole x 2 burpees with jump overs in between. Burrito tried and almost succeeded in making this complicated.

We stopped after running to the 9th light pole and completing our 18 burpee jump overs. Suckfest.

Flutterkicks x 18 IC
Big boi situps x 18
LBCs x 18 IC

Shuffle Mosey’d back to stop with a pit stop to do big boi situps with the block x 18


I recently asked a pal to analyze a specific situation and discovered he hadn’t noticed small details that I noticed. He reckoned it was because he sees the big picture. This was a good reminder that you can get lost in silly details that don’t matter and lose sight of the big picture. Try not to do that. Glad I have pals that remind me what is important.


One of those pals is Burrito. Love that guy. He teased on slack that he might show up sans pants today. He showed up in pants, thankfully.

It was suggested that maybe we need an “accountability list.” It would work like the HC list except you get to see who didn’t follow through. Of course, this suggestion was a joke but Moneyball said he already follows up with most everyone after workouts to see what happened. Moneyball gets the big picture.

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