Wagon Wheel rolls into the Huey, just before 4 Bud Light Trucks

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 03/25/2021

PAX: U-Turn; Dundee; Ducktales; Geek Squad; Doogie; Nordictrak; Blue; Cleaver; Roomba; Slois Lane

AO: The Huey


57 and clear, until it wasn’t…


Forward Fold; Willie Mays Hays; SSH; 3rd grade Exercises; LBAC-Reverse-Overhead Claps-Seal Claps-Overhead Press; Slow Squats

The Thang

Wagon Wheel

The Wagon wheel works great with a circular running path and just by happenchance, the Huey has a circular running track.

The wheel consists of 8 stations (the spokes) connected to a central Hub, with the track making up the wheel.

The 8 stations are as follows: Mahktar Merkins X 10 hard Count; Crab Claps X 10 Hard Count; Block Press X 15; SSH X 20 Hard Count; Block Curls X 20; Imperial Squats X 15 Hard Count; Jungle Boi Squats X 15; BBSU X 20

The routine is as follows: PAX split up to the 8 stations, with 11 total, 3 stations have 2 guys. Complete the reps on the paper and run to the hub, perform 5 Burpees, run back to the station and complete the reps again. Mosey counter clockwise to the next station and repeat. Repeat this around until all stations are complete.

We each grabbed one more station when the 6 was in based on our buddy’s least favorite.

Now the rains came. This was not a sprinkle, into a drizzle, into a rain. This was nothing, straight to a down pour. A turd floater if you will.

We ran under the pavilion and ended with some Dip planks, some dercans; some exaggerated groin and hammy stretching, hands out Ircans, and finally some dying cockroach.



Today we talked about the parable with Jesus giving the blind man his sight. This is relatable to todays society in that we are all blinded to some degree by something. There is always something that takes our attention away from our relationship with Jesus.
Try to find what yours is this week.


Bud Light trucks are the Huey mass transit buses of the boneyard. I will say that the fine folk of Soddy Daisy must have been thirsty lately as three trucks rolled out in the first 10 minutes. We decided that 5 burpees burns as many calories that one can of that water beer contains.


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