Laps and Legs

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 04/03/2021

PAX: McFly, Radar, Seagull, Sousa, Tatonka

AO: Legacy




SSH x 20 IC

Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC

Forward Fold OYO

Calf Stretches

Iraqi Tea Time

Lap around the Heritage House

The Thang

Leg Stations

Each Pax picked a station – marked by cones
Station 1 – Run a lap around the Heritage house (This is the control station – Pax rotate stations when Pax at this station completes lap.

Station 2 – Imperial Walker Squat

Station 3 – Jump Rope

Station 4 – Blockees

Station 5 – Step ups on park bench

Station 6 – John McCains with 40lb Sandbag


Good Friday memorializes the crucifixion of Christ and Easter is the celebration of His return. Being the Saturday in between I thought on what the followers of Christ must have felt in those two days, and how Saturday must have been a day of dread and lamenting. Today we (Christians) celebrate the weekend, knowing the end of the story, although the followers of Christ had missed the warnings.

Whether you are a Christian or not, we can all make the same choices every day. We can choose to dread the future and live in despair, or we can choose to look forward to the coming days with anticipation. Joy is a choice. James 1:2-4


There is no 7th station. YHC cannot count.

Don’t ever yell “Let’s Go!” around Tatonka unless you want him to start running.

Radar is a huge fan of the sandbag – YHC plans to note this for all future Q’s.

The stations were a solid opportunity for mumblechatter… unless you were the one running the lap.


Park workday at Legacy 4/10

Opportunity to serve the family of Night Sweats through yard work – see Announcements channel.