Lunges Lunges Lunges

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 04/08/2021

PAX: 9 Volt, Abercrombie, Blackout, Clothespin, Deep Dish, El Chapo, Mrs. Baker, Thin Mint, Wuzn’t Me

AO: The Battery


Option A: 60ish

Option B:Twas a forecast called for rain, but a more fair morn hasn’t been seen by mine eyes.


Lap around the dog & skate park


Willie Mays Hays

Forward Fold

Arm Circles of the little Variety (forward and non-forward)

Iraqi Tea Time

The Thang


Split the PAX into two groups of 5

Group 1 – Lunge from first light pole to second light pole
Group 2 – Big Boy Situps

When group one arrives at lightpole, they begin Big Boy Situps and Group 2 begins lunges.

Repeat alternating between Big Boy Sit-ups, Squats & Merkins.

PAX all moseyed back to the shovel flags and circled up for Usain Bolts

Usain Bolts

PAX calls exercise – all other PAX completes exercise while that PAX runs a lap around baseball field (~1/4 mile)

Groundhogs – 9 Volt
Inverted Planks (or flutter kicks…) – Deep Dish
Planks – Mrs. Baker
SSH – Abercrombie

Last minute and a half were finished off with more lunges.


Self reflection is all well and good but we are all too good at dismissing what we see. Sucking in our stomach at the mirror, justifying our actions, or dismissing our behavior because of the behavior of others.

We could all improve ourselves greatly if we stop minimizing our failures & shortcomings, and acknowledge them. As a Christian, I believe minimizing my sin comes to easily. James 4:8-9 describe how we should behave when we recognize sin:

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Be wretched and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and joy to gloom.”


YHC promised Blackout we wouldn’t lunge the entire workout… He didn’t agree that YHC lived up to his word.

Deep Dish, Blackout and Wuzn’t Me have requested more lunges. The next trip to The Battery for YHC will meet their requirements.

The goal for the beatdown was to give PAX plenty of opportunity for MC. The goal for Abercrombie was to cause all other PAX to hold their breath as long as possible.

Clothespin can lunge faster than he runs.

When YHC and Blackout decided to 5k5a at the last minute, they made a grave error by not inviting the other PAX. Pitchforks and torches were getting prepped.


No news is good news?