Return of Ramrod and Sousa

QIC:  Sousa and Ramrod

Date: 04/10/2021

PAX: AOL, Oui Oui, Shawshank, The Count, Mayhem, M.I.A, FNG “Bob Ross”, 

AO: Legacy


Light mist in the air with plenty of mud puddles to keep you wet!


SSH- 20 count
Forward fold- 10 count
Third grade exercise- 15 count
Worlds greatest stretch- 10 count each side
SSH- 30 count
Circle Burp: until Pax have each done three burpees

The Thang

Incline Merkins on barn- 25
Jump ups- 10
Squats- 25
Derkins- 25
Burpees- 5
As many rounds as possible. Between each round do a lap around the park.

*Rinse and Repeat, same set of exercises each round


Ramrod shared some great advice with the PAX this morning. HE talked about how in life men try to take the safe way out, whether its in work, at home, etc. His challenge to us this morning was to challenge ourselves to be better. Don’t always take the easy way out, but choose a route where we can learn and grow and become better men, better Christians, and better husbands and fathers.


Wasn’t sure if my FNG “Bob Ross” would show, but sure enough about 15 minutes into the beatdown he came moseying in looking for me! He said when he showed up, he thought I had lied to him and didn’t think it was real. After the beatdown, he finally realized F3 is no hoax, it is in fact a great organization.


Check out the Calendy link in Slack to help take care of Night Sweats Family through lawn care. $30 will cover someone they have on retainer to get the work done, or you can personally sign up for a slot to help meet this need.