ElChapo 4-29-21 The Battery

Chief Brokentoe

AO The Battery
QIC ElChapo


Slightly chilly


SSH×10 , Forward Fold , WMH×10 , SSH×10 , WMH×10 , Baby Arms ×10 , Reverse, Rockin Night Club

The Thang

Indian run mosey around the softball field and to the bleachers. 25 You dip, I dip, we all dips. Keep the pax in order from 1-7 mosey up the hill and grab a block.. line up in order from 1-7 based on the indian run order. # 1 -10 burpres, #2 – BBSups, #3 25×merkin, #4 25× decline merkin, #5 25× BBSups, #6 25× incline merkins, #7 25× decline merkin. When completed line up on pool wall in order for wall sit. #1 started off mosey back down the hill to the bleachers for 25× dips maintain run order. Mosey back up the hill and repeat 3 times.


How did you know there would be 8?


These men have become a tribe.. always welcoming new guys, always there for one another.


Grow ruck, Fallen 5, Chubys Helpin Chats Homeless

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