Benjamin’s at the Huey

QIC: Blue

PAX: Milkman, U-turn, Friar Tuck, The Count, Jenny Craig, Starbucks, Bobbit, Gretel, Ducktales, Hoverround, Daisy, Slois Lane, Urethra Franklin, Cleaver

Date: 05-13-2021

AO: The Huey


A chilly 46° with partly cloudy skies maybe? It was dark and chilly.


Moseyed a lap, SSH’s, stretches, LBAC’s, SSH’s, etc


All about the Benjamin’s

Done in rounds. Each round consists of 4 exercises w/ 25 reps for each. Take a lap to start the round, and take a lap to finish the round. If an exercise is say Lunges, go ahead and do 26 so not to short yourself. This is YOU vs YOU. Don’t cut corners. Focus on form. Who cares if you just finish round 1? You’ve got this!!!

Round 1

  • CPR’s
  • Lunges
  • Merkins
  • BBS’s

Round 2

  • Monkey Humpers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Squats
  • Peter Parker’s

Round 3

  • SSH’s (4 count)
  • 3rd Grade exercise
  • Windmill’s
  • Groiners

Round 4

  • Block Swing’s
  • Leg Lift’s
  • Block Squats
  • Alligator Merkin’s


It’s so easy in life to cut corners or take a short cut when things get hard. I focus on my form and go the extra few steps as much as I can because if I cut a corner here at F3, then where else will I cut corners? Are you really accomplishing anything when you sacrifice your form just to get the required reps? Or finish the set? Help yourself get better by not cutting corners. All over our city at the AO’s I’ve been to, we all tend to run by lots of litter. If every PAX at each AO just picked up one piece of litter/trash, then our AO’s would be immaculate!! We are called to be leaders in our communities, so let’s lead by example and keep our AO’s clean.