Blackjack @Shothouse

QIC: Blue

PAX: Doogie, Picabo, Bobbit, Nordic Track, Dundee, Sherlock, Knievel, Tasty Cakes, Snatch, Roomba, Geek Squad, Heisenberg, Deer Jack, Ponce, Band Camp, Slois Lane

Date: 05-14-2021

AO: Shothouse


Clear and crisp 46°


Some Moseying, some stretches, some SSH’s, and a few other things



Round 1 – Shoulder Press w/ coupon & Captain Thor’s

Start on one side of the football field with 1 shoulder press, mosey to opposite side and do 20 captain Thor’s for a total of 21 (Blackjack). Continue moseying back and forth 2 & 19, 3 & 18, 4 & 17, etc. Once round is completed, mosey around track for 1 lap.

Round 2 – Curls & Hillbilly Squats

Round 3 – SSH’s & LBC’s

Round 4 – Straight Leg Deadlift w/ coupon & Imperial Walkers


Accountability!!! We don’t hold one another accountable. I constantly critique myself on my form but am anxious to do so with any other PAX because I don’t want to come across as conceited. I focus on my form because I feel like I am cheating myself if I don’t. Coming out to the gloom is about “ME” getting better along with my brothers. I can’t do that effectively if I constantly cut corners on my reps or form.

Mumble Chatter

The majority of the PAX felt the need to let me know how much they loved me due to the state of the area of their backsides that were in constant contact with the track or grass during the 210 captain Thor exercises they were doing.