PAX Relays

QIC:  Tatonka

Date: 05/18/2021

PAX: AOL, M.I.A., Picabo, Shawshank, Noid, Toe Tag, FNG-Violet, Meow Mix, Cavity Search, Blackout

AO: Parliament


Mid 60’s. Perfect running weather.


Mosey 1 lap of track
SSH x 15
Quad Stretch OYO x each leg
Fat Joes OYO x each leg
Calve Stretch OYO x each leg

The Thang

The track was locked due to graduation set up at the high school. Q and Blackout were able to speak to the security guard on duty and get permission to use the track. Blackout also EH’d the security guard who began looking into F3 and should show up at Legacy soon.

PAX Relays

Pax divided up into teams. There were 11 of us, so to make this thang work logistically, we had one group of five and two groups of three.

The group of five would be running a continuous 100m relay. Pax 1 started at the common start/finish line on the track and would sprint 100m to handoff a baton to PAX 2 waiting at the relay exchange zone. PAX 2 would do the same thing and handoff to PAX 3 at the next exchange zone. PAX 3 handed off to PAX 4 who then sprinted the final 100m of the track and handed off to PAX 5 who was waiting at the start/finish line. This process continued until Q called time. While waiting for the baton, non-running PAX performed SSH or squats.

The groups of 3 followed the same method except each PAX sprinted 200m between exchange zones.

After several laps, Q circled everyone up for Indian runs with batons.

FNG had to leave right at 6:15, so at the top of the hour we went ahead and named him to ensure he would leave the beatdown with an F3 name (modify May, right?)

After naming the FNG (welcome FNG-Violet), PAX performed a continuous 100m relay exchange. Pax split into two groups and faced each other 100m apart on the home stretch of the track. One baton was used. The runner would sprint 100m and handoff baton to first PAX in line, then make his way to the back of that line. The PAX that now had the baton would run 100m the other direction to the other line of waiting PAX and handoff to the PAX at the front of that line before making his way to the back of the line. Non running PAX in line would perform various exercises as they saw fit until it was their turn with the baton. This process continued for several minutes.

Finished with 5 minutes of Mary which included:
Flutter kicks
American hammers
Straight leg crunches
Pickle pounders
Freddie Mercuries


I played the audio from the Jocko “Good” video on YouTube. In it, Jocko recounts stories of his time in the military when a direct subordinate would approach him with a problem. Regardless of the issue, Jocko’s response would be, “Good.” He goes on to state several examples of how to use this mentality in life. “Didn’t get promoted? Good, more time to get better. Mission got canceled? Good, now we can focus on the other one. Got tapped out? Good, you learned something.” While YHC can’t do the video itself justice (hence why I played the audio) I encourage everyone to watch it. The gist at the end is that you can use this mentality to realign your thinking when things are seemingly going wrong. Use it to your advantage to refocus on how you are going to continue moving forward instead of dwelling on things that have already happened that you can’t control. I reminded PAX that you can’t change the past and you can’t predict the future with certainty. All you can do is control how you act in the present moment. I encouraged the PAX to try to use this approach to everyday life to keep making progress on life goals.


The original plan was to run the continuous relay for the entire beatdown. It was agreed that this would have been deemed a “bad idea.”

Woodrider must have one solid EH as his FNG showed up knowing Woodrider himself wouldn’t be at the beatdown.

In the discussion of Bernie being the voice of F3 Chattanooga at the Collegedale City Council meeting last night, we learned he also has a key to the church at the top of the not-hill at Hacksaw. Picabo may or may not have tried to use this knowledge in an attempt to take the Browns to the Super Bowl.

Noid brought up the fact that a local Pizza Hut recently had a fire. This would seem like an innocent comment until you remember that Pizza Hut is a direct competitor of Noid’s.


Lots of convergences coming up.

5/31 – Memorial Day Convergence at the Dame – BURPH

6/12 – Convergence at the Lookouts Stadium – Oil Can has more details regarding the beatdown and follow up family friendly event.

7/17 – Fallen Five Memorial Ruck and Convergence – Morning beat down, followed by rucking with more beatdowns sprinkled in. If you can’t commit to the ruck, consider showing up for the morning beatdown. Reach out to Mr. Clean for more details.

Habitat for Humanity – July 10th – Still a spot or two available. Reach out to John Doe for more details.

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