Blue’s Q at the Den

QIC: Blue

Date: 05-24-2021

PAX: Moneyball, Blindside, Offset, Rodeo, Snowcream, Kowbell, Teflon, Whoopee

AO: Lion’s Den


Clear and dark 63° with little or no breeze. Perfect beatdown weather.


Some SSH’s, some shoulder blasters, some stretching, and a mosey lap to get everyone warmed up

The THANG!!!

Blackjack @ the Den!!!

Blackjack is just like 11’s. Start on one side of the field doing 1 rep, mosey to the other side and do 20 reps of second exercise. Then 2 & 19, 3 & 18……etc.

Round 1

Curls w/ coupon & Hillbilly Squats (easy count). Once reps are completed, mosey a lap

Round 2

(Only one PAX reached round 2)

Shoulder Press w/ coupon & Capt. Thor’s

Round 3

SSH’s & LBC’s


Accountability, vulnerability, & openness to criticism. We all come out to the gloom to get better. Part of getting better is holding one another accountable in and out of F3. If we can’t do that during the workout, then how can we expect to do it out in our lives? The other side to that is that we all have to be open to the criticism. Not letting our pride get in the way. We also have to understand that we are all struggling with the similar things. We all need to remember, “we are ALL, fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Mumble Chatter

Not much in the way of mumble chatter this morning other than encouraging one another to keep going and helping with what the count of reps were for one another.