B.L.I.M.P.S. – Dora Style

QIC:  Blackout

Date: 05/24/2021

PAX: Abercrombie, AOL, Bandwagon, Flemish, M.I.A., Oui Oui, Picabo, Slim Shady, Sousa, FNG – Spread Eagle, Toe Tag, Top’em

AO: Hacksaw


Perfect, 65 and no rain


Mosey lap around Veterans Park

  • Forward Fold – x10 IC (needed to know how many we were doing)
  • WMH – x10 IC
  • SSH – x25 IC
  • LBAC – x15 IC
  • RBAC – x15 IC
  • Seal Claps – x10 IC
  • SSH – x10 IC
  • Tempo Merkins – x10 IC
  • Tempo Squats – x10 IC

The Thang


PAX grabbed a partner. PAX #1 did the exercises below while PAX #2 ran the lap around Veterans Park and flip flopped until total reps for duo equaled the number of reps noted below:

  • Burpees – x50
  • Lunges – x100
  • Imperial Walkers – x150
  • Merkins – x200
  • Plank Jacks – x250
  • Squats – x300

Once pair was finished, they could do one of two options:

OPTION A: start over at Burpees

OPTION B: Go Back down to P after finishing Squats and work backwards

Called PAX in with 5 minutes left and did 5MOM

  • Aquamans – x20 IC (Sousa)
  • Flutter Kicks – x20 IC (M.I.A.)
  • Side Straddle Flops – x15 IC (Abercrombie)
  • American Hammers – x20 IC (Toe Tag)
  • Scissor Leg Lifts – Until Time (Oui Oui)


Q Spoke about increasing your faith by stepping out of some circles. When you are younger, it is easy to go outside and play with whoever is there, whether it be sports, exploring the woods, etc. There is usually very little consequence to those friend choices (except maybe getting beat at a game) during those years. As you get older, these choices become more important. It is easy to get sucked into peer pressure and social media pressure and get caught up in a friends circle that on the surface might look like a fun circle to be involved with. This is especially true in terms of the “keeping up” crowds of individuals. Social Media has unfortunately evolved many social circles into nothing more than the equivalent of immature high school friendships. It is important to recognize these warning signs and step out of friend circles that are bringing you down spiritually and/or emotionally. A message I heard over the weekend said this, “Sometimes to open up your faith doors to something greater, you have to close down some of your doors to circles that enable thought processes and choices that often times directly or indirectly go against your faith growth”. I have personally found myself often times falling into these traps and often times, I come out worse spiritually than when I went in. I have also lost friends over petty disagreements because the other side of the disagreement seems to be the “cool” option to take. Many of the men at F3 have become a new circle for me in a sense that has helped me grow both physically and spiritually in a way that I would not otherwise have been able to grow.

Left the PAX with one more thought process and question: Someone might ask, are we not supposed to reach out to these friend circles and groups and help them find their faith and become closer to our Lord and savior? The answer to that question is always a resounding yes. But, like anything else, there are two sides to a coin. Those friend circles must also choose to change their lifestyle to follow Jesus and his teachings, and if they don’t, it is just as easy for them to drag you in the opposite direction…. Be careful of the circles you choose to remain in.


BLIMPS and DORAs are separate workouts, right??

Q led the PAX on a warmup lap around the park. Many PAX turned left at the flags out of instinct, the church parking and hill beatdowns have really cause some confusion amongst the Hack Pack…..

Q was asked yesterday: “Church or Dominos”. There may have been some steering in one direction over the other (cough, cough M.I.A.). At that point, it was determined that the Q process in F3 is very much anocratic (half Q dictatorship and half democracy). You never want too much of one side of that…..


Lots of Convergence opportunties coming up: Memorial Day at the Dam 05/31 0700; Lookouts Stadium 06/12 0700; Fallen Five Ruck Convergence 07/17 0700 beatdown with ruck

See 3rd-F channel on Slack for opportunities.

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