Another Blue’s Q @ Shothouse

QIC: Blue

Date: 06-09-2021

PAX: Milkman, Uturn, Starbucks, Roomba

AO: Shothouse


A very MOIST 72° with overcast skies and a chance of more moisture other than that which we were exercising through.


A slow mosey w/ coupon to the home side of the football field bleachers. Some SSH’s, some stretches, some shoulder blasters, & some more SSH’s.


11’s on the bleachers.

Round 1

– Straight Leg Deadlift w/ coupon & Imperial Walkers at the top, start with 1 deadlift, mosey up the bleachers and do 10 (hard count) Imperial walkers, then continue, etc, etc

At the end of round 1, PAX picked up the 6, and we “mall walked” 1 lap around the track

Round 2

– Bent Over Rows (cadence count/double count) w/ coupon & Hillbilly Squats at the top of bleachers. Same as Round 1.

We were a little over halfway through and had to call for time.


Grace & Respect……….

Mumble Chatter

No one has named the various amenities at Shothouse. PAX considered naming the home side bleachers the “SoB’s”