Officers, Blocks & Bunnies


Date: 06/09/2021

PAX: Mothballs, Flemish, 9Volt, Thin Mint, Nut Buster, Toe Jelly, M.I.A., Top’em, Picabo, Clothespin, Uncle Joe, SeaGull, Escobar

AO: Hacksaw


72 Degrees, Muggy, But at times a nice breeze


SSH X 15,


Cherry Pickers x10,

Magic Mayhems x20,

Seal Claps x10,


The Thang

The Burden of a Block
Pax were asked to pair up, Workout was dora style, however running was not involved.

***all exercises were to be completed with the block***

(Exercise with * indicate block being held above the body while doing the exercise.)


Pickle Pointers*

Squat Thrusters

Flutter Kicks* (Hard Count)

Grave Diggers

Bench Press


Box Cutters*

Pax 1 starts first exercise while Pax 2 rifle carries his block to end of parking lot and back, once back Pax 2 picks up on the rep count where Pax 1 left off, as he is now rifle carrying his block to the end of the parking lot and back. The Pax rinse and repeat until all reps are done and they move on to the next set of exercises. The goal of the beatdown is to not only get the reps in, but to not put the block down for the entirety of the workout. YHC kept a little extra for the pax just in case it was needed, (and it was). With 10 minutes left before time, all pax lined up on the sidewalk that runs along side the playground. Pax were to do next set of exercises till time.

4 Murder Bunnies & 1 Blockee,

8 murder bunnies & 2 Blockees,

12 Murder Bunnies & 3 Blockees,

16 Murder Bunnies & 4 Blockees,

20 Murder Bunnies & 5 Blockees,

then back down the ladder back to 4 & 1


Talked about burdens…

WE ALL HAVE BURDENS. We carry them every day.

They can be

  • financial
  • Health related
  • Burdens at work
  • Family related
  • For some it could be extra weight that you are carrying around
  • These blocks today were a burden this morning thru every exercise that we did.

When I started F3 six months ago, I didn’t know I needed it until I started coming regularly. But it has become more that just the first F. It has become more about the other men and the relationships that have been built thru F3.

F3 exists to be able to plant, grow, and serve small workouts groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Every man out here at almost every workout each morning is going thru something.

I have no doubt that any man out here would be here to help if needed.

Paul’s writes in Galatians 6:2 that we are to carry each other’s burdens, in this way we fulfill the law of Christ.

Helping others, loving others is central to being a leader. And that is what F3 is about!


The beatdown was done in the parking lot beside the Collegedale police department, so when the pickle pointers started, the officers standing outside had their giggles. not real sure if it was the “Caw Caw” of the Seagull or just the way Uncle Joe was making eye contact with them. it would have been nice if 9Volt had worn his American flag shorts though!! at the End of the morning the PAX were all worn out, some complaining about not being able to lift their arms, which totally makes you feel good!


Convergence June 12th AT&T FIELD, Beatdown in the morning 0700 return in the evening with the M’s & 2.0’s for the game, Fallen 5 Ruck coming up july 17th, @ The Dame, beatdown that morning at 0700 followed by the Ruck at 0830 until about 1400.

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