QIC: Sidekick

Date: 06/09/2021

PAX: Lanyard, Double Bounce, FNG-Brown Card, Swingset, Sparky, Oiler, Blair Witch

AO: Ridgecut


69 (+2) degrees with 69% (+~20%) Humidity and a 69 MPH (-~67 MPH) wind from the southerly region


Forward Fold; Right Over left; Left Over Right; Willie Mays Hays; LBAC; Reverse; OH Claps; Seal Claps; Moroccan Night Club; Kenyan Night Club (in honor of our FNG); Supermans; Michael Phelps; Broga

The Thang

Today is a special day. A NICE day if you will. A day I take great pride in leading.

Everyone knows this is the proper spelling of this word on a day such as this. So I took advantage, with full consent of course, and flipped this traditional work out around to meet my needs.

This is a workout modeled after the traditional BLIMPS beatdown

All PAX enter the soccer arena. We start at one end.

Run to the center, perform 23 Reps of the prescribed exercise, run to the other end for 23 more reps, run back to the middle for a final set of 23 Reps, then run back to the starting point. Hold pickle pounder position or flexed pickle pointer position for the 6.

Now, BLIMPS are easy to find exercises. NOICE is a different beast all together. Here are forbidden fruits that I selected from the Exicon

No Surrender – Fingers interlaced behind the head, down on one knee, other knee down next, then back up one leg at a time. That is one rep. Basically a John McCain with no coupon

Outlaws – On your 6 in Flutter kick position, using both feet trace a capital O in the air

Imperial Squat – Imperial Walker but after each leg do a squat. Each leg counts as a rep. I mean we all need to perform tonight at home and no one needs burnt out hammys in the middle of the action

Clock Mercans – Mercans at 12:00 postion, 90 degree rotation to 3:00, 90 degree rotation to 6:00,etc. Modified to match the number of the day, we did mercans at 6 and 9, thats one rep

Elbow Eagles – Low plank position, alternate lifting one wing up over your head and then back down

Once this was complete we had just enough time to cap off our NOICE workout with the trifecta of inappropriate exercises to a total rep count of 69; 23 pcikle pounders, 23 pickle pointers, and 23 Monkey humpers.


Patience. A virtue that many us could use more of. Challenge the PAX to focus on patience this week and to remember sometimes it really is the best option


Sadly I did not force the PAX to complete any partner pounder pointers as suggested by Dundee. There were also no blushing old ladies. We did have a potential Purple Rain sighting about 15 minutes into the workout, but the potential vehicle exited stage left


Lookouts convergence this Saturday

Fallen 5 in mid June

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