No excuses

QIC:  [Ducktales]

Date: [06/25/2021]

PAX: Whoopee, Friar Tuck, Blindside, Whittler, Recycle, Hambone, Burrito, Blow Pop, Mansiere, Zima, Transplant, Flute, Manscaper, Care Bear, Snowcream, Skitch, Ohms, Money Ball

AO: Lions Den


Strawberry moon, sweaty


Triangle pose 
Sun salutation
One handed plank
Switch sides
Crow on block

The Thang

Partner up
Wheelbarrow with partner rotating as needed on straightaway around track
Start of loop bear crawl 10 hands then broad jump 10 times repeat around curve
Switch partner with closest person Wheelbarrow straightaway partner switch as needed
Crabwalk 20 steps then Twenty steps Frankenstein around other end zone on track
When finished get block and hold over head or pick up 6
Block work partner up with new partner 100 curls 10 increment while partner B hold block over head
Partner a takes both blocks and walks out partner B does 10 sit-up then catches up with partner and switches til 100 sit ups 
10 block swings while b does crunches total 100


Connect to a neighbor. Take the time to call or drop in. I did this last night and found out my new neighbor and I went to high school together. We welcomed them to our neighborhood even though they have lived there for almost 6 months. While we caught up our kids played together and made new friends. He informed me that another class mate had passed away at 37 this week.

I challenge you to reach out to an old friend or meet a new neighbor this weekend, even if it is 6 months after they move in.


When I pulled up 3 HIM were pre running and 1 was pre rucking.

Grunting during yoga…

Throughout the post you partnered with 3 different brothers.

Worst playlist songs from the bot this morning. Would of helped if we started music at beginning of workout instead of starting during last 5 minutes.


Fallen Five sign up! Convergence 7/17 from 7-8 at dame before.

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