Baker/Burpee Day


Date: 06/26/2021

PAX: AOL, Blackout, Choo Choo, Escobar, Gilligan, Mayhem, Rollback, Sousa, The Count, Toe Jelly

AO: Legacy


Warm & a touch muggy. There were so many complaints about today, but its fair to say none were about the conditions.


SSH – 10 IC
LBAC – 26 IC
Reverse AC – 26 IC
Overhead Claps – 26 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs – 26 IC
Seal Claps – 26 IC
Forward Fold – It is possible there was a count of 26 – but it was internal
WMH – 10 IC

The Thang

Partner up – Not needed for all exercises, but exercises with rep counts are completed as a group 50/PAX so there the whole group finishes together

  • Bearmuda Triangle – 1 Burpee , Bear Crawl 10m 2 Burpees, Bear Crawl 10m…. continue up to 10 Burpees
  • American Hammers – hard count – 50/PAX
  • Kraken Burpees – 50/PAX (crowd pleaser) Burpee with 3 hand-release merkins
  • Elevens – start with 10 Ballerina Squats & 1 Diamond Merkin Overhead Clap (hard count)
  • Reverse Crunches – easy count – 50/PAX
  • Dive Bomber Circle – Reach 200 reps as group
  • AMRAP – Big Boy Situps for 2 Min
  • Ye Olde Favorite – Burpees 50/PAX

With just over a minute left we did an extra minute of burpees just to round out the hour.


June 26 is the day we celebrate the adoption of our son. The M and I fostered him for 10 months prior to the inaugural Baker Day. I am grateful for all the people who supported my family during the months & years that lead up to that day. Having volunteered around the foster care system since, I am thankful for all the people that do all of the selfless work that takes care of children who may have had no people directly providing a support to these kids.

I have noticed a lack of men leading in this area so I wanted to encourage the PAX that there is an impact to be had in our relationships. Even if your family doesn’t go this route, kids who are in horrible circumstances are all around us. We lead and live our examples everyday.


Oh where to begin. There were several comments today questioning YHC’s parentage, but they were taken as the compliments intended.

Choo Choo noted, quite adeptly, that when YHC mentioned the last of the morning’s bear crawls at the end of the Bearmuda Triangle (yes it’s an F3 thing also this thing), there was no mention of the end of burpees for the day. Also…

Spirits were high as the PAX completed the last of the American Hammers. Alas…

After the demonstration of the Kraken Burpees Escobar and Toe Jelly started checking to see if they could make it to Battlefield before their STARTEX.

Around 10 Kraken Burpees Escobar remembered why June 26 was familiar to him. He had a flashback to the burpees he delivered to the Hack Pack a year ago.

Around 20 Kraken Burpees YHC was told he was number 1 by at least one PAX. The finger chosen was questionable.

At 30 Kraken Burpees YHC blacked out.

Around 40 Kraken Burpees YHC came to with the realization that Gilligan’s hair was still perfectly quaffed. Even after his 50ish Kraken burpees and the other burpees before that… amazing.

With the Kraken beaten back, YHC decided to audible and drop the Diamond Merkins to Overhead Claps. Most of the PAX, being the HIM they are did the Diamonds anyway (shine on).

The Dive Bomber Circle (ode to Radar) was a hit. Mayhem had a NICE time.

YHC was not, in fact, stuttering when more burpees were announced. Happy B B B Baker Day!

YHC admits his search for an exercise starting with a Y was somewhat desultory. However, when half of the b b b burpees were completed for Ye Olde Favorite Burpees, Blackout nearly incited a mutiny suggesting Yoga.

YHC finally points out there was a completely burpee-free option planned if John Doe had posted.

Don’t worry about scheduling a vacation next year on 6/26 AOL – it’s a Sunday. And you too are number 1.


Fallen 5 Memorial Ruck and convergence – July 17, 0700-0800 convergence beatdown at The Dame, rucking event to follow. First beatdown is free, register for the rest here: