Dundee don’t need titles

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 7/16/2021

PAX: Abacus, AOL, Cooter, Ducktales, El Chapo, Escobar, Flemish, Full Moon, Happy Ending, M.I.A., FNG-Mr Burns, Picabo, Pipeline, Ramrod, Rollback, Slim Shady, Sousa, Toe Jelly, Top’Em, Uncle Joe, Vaccine, WeBlow, FNG-WhistleStop, WuzntMe

AO: Hacksaw


70 degrees and a palpable humidity. No rain, but the dew on the ground made up for it.


Mosey with block to field by flags

  • SSH 25 IC
  • WMH 10 IC
  • 3GE 10 IC
  • Shoulder blasters – LBACs x 13, LBACs reverse x13, OHC x13, MNC x13, SC x13, CP x13

The Thang

Pax split up into four teams. Each team traveled to a corner 50 yards from the center and did reps until every member of the group completed them or the group total equivalent. Completing the reps, the whole team ran back to the middle and got into a plank. First team to get all members back and in a plank won the opportunity to continue to hold plank while the rest of the teams did 5 burpees.

Round 1 – Rifle carry to the corner, do 25 kettle bell swings, run back to middle
Round 2 – Bear crawl to the corner, do 50 shoulder presses with coupon, run back to middle
Round 3 – Bernie to the corner, 75 toe merkins, run back to middle
Round 4 – Lunge to the corner, 100 curls, run back to middle
Round 5 – Jailbreak to the corner, 75 block squats, run back to middle
Round 6 – Duck walk to the corner, 50 pickle pointers with block, run back to middle
Round 7 – Run to the corner, 25 merkins, run back to middle

After the 7th round, PAX paired up. Facing each other in the plank position, PAX played paper-rock-scissors.

Round 1 – Winner: 1 merkin, Loser: 1 burpee, Draw: both do 1 merkin
Round 2 – Winner: 2 merkins, Loser: 2 burpees, Draw: both do 2 merkins
Round 3 – Winner: 3 merkins, Loser: 3 burpees, Draw: both do 3 burpees
Round 4 – Winner: 4 merkins, Loser: 4 burpees, Draw: both do 5 burpees
Round 5 – Winner: 5 merkins, Loser: 6 burpees, Draw: both do 7 burpees
Round 6 – Winner: 10 merkins, Loser: 10 burpees, Draw: both do 10 merkins AND 10 burpees

Final 30 seconds, Sousa led a round of Aquamen (Aquamans?).


YHC discussed what an HC really means: a commitment to getting better for yourself, your M, your 2.0, your brothers in the gloom, and your community. Matthew 7:28-29 talks about how Jesus spoke with authority in a way that was recognizable by the masses. They witnessed him speaking just as they had witnessed others but when he spoke, it rang true because they could tell he wasn’t just telling them how to act, he was showing them who he was. It’s a difficult distinction to draw, but when you are EHing that potential FNG, they can sense your commitment in the gloom.


Fresh mown grass and a heavy coat of dew made for a delightful beatdown on the lawn.

“50 pickle pointers.”
“What if I did pickle pointers last night?”
“Fine, you can do three less.”


Fallen Five convergence tomorrow at the dam (the Dame, Hot Dam, etc.); 0700 startex with a Gretel beatdown followed by ruck to the recruitment center with additional beatdowns along the way.

August 17 Blood Drive event coming up for Captain Wafer’s daughter at St. Peter and Paul Basilica downtown Chattanooga. Region-wide coffeteria being planned prior. Signup for an appointment to donate at http://bloodassurance.org/Lorelei