Webbicides in the Weeds

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 07/13/2021

PAX: AOL, Blackout, Cleaver, Gretel, Hasbro, Hoveround, Slois Lane, Spooner, U-turn

AO: The Huey


70’s with some wet ground. The height of the grass was the most commented upon condition.


The standard stuff. SSH, LBAC, WMH, FF

The Thang

Two Flags are the start line with cones set up approximately every 10 yards marking out 100 yards in total.

Webbicide 1
Run to Cone 1 (10 Yards) 1 x Burpee
Return to Start 4 x Mountain Climbers (HC)
Run to Cone 2 (20 Yards) 2 x Burpees
Return to Start 8 x Mountain Climbers (HC)
Repeat Until Cone 10 (100 Yards) 10 x Burpees and 40 x Mountain Climbers

Webbicide 2
Repeat the same sequence above with 1 x Big Boy Sit ups & 4 x Flutter Kicks

Webbicide 3
Planned for 1 x Merkin & 4 x Shoulder Taps but due to time constraints shoulder taps were omitted and most PAX completed 1/2 or so of the Merkin ladder


During a recent COT, YHC heard a PAX talk about sacrificial love. As a Christian (YHC believes this applies to all Faiths) we are taught that the greatest love is to lay ones life down for your friends (John 15:13) but YHC wanted to challenge the PAX to not take this as a challenge to be willing to die for your loved ones by jumping in front of a bullet, or car, but to live for your loved ones, by putting them first and spending quality time with them doing things for them rather than for yourself. YHC doesn’t need to often push my wife from in front of oncoming traffic, but needs to spend more time emptying the dishwasher.


Everyone got wet. Some, who refused to stay in the grass due to humidity, the rest of us because of the knee height grass YHC was determined to play in.

While YHC scouted options other than the tall grass to perform todays beatdown, other PAX offered lots of suggestions, they were ignored.

Spooner stole YHC’s cell phone and speaker. Thankfully all goods were returned in good order. (Seriously… thank you for noticing they were on the hood of your car!)

Gretel was like a kid in a candy store. The delight on his face when YCH said we would run through the grass, and do burpees was great. It intensified with little giggles when flutter kicks were announced. YHC was unaware that it could further crescendo… then came the Beer Truck followed IMMEDIATELY by a Red Bull Truck. Lets just all be thankful those silkies were below the grass line.

Gretel’s demeanor returned to more composed (still undignified) level following the final relevant trucks through the remainder of the ab’icide, but when the group started doing merkins he perkily posited “Guys, you can just thank of it as lots of burpees with an increasing number of merkins!” It was Christmas in July!


3rd F opportunity at Chubbies on Monday nights. Reach out to John Doe if interested and available to serve.

7/31 – Legacy Park clean up

8/14 – Convergence/Breakfast/Blood Drive for Captain Wafer’s Daughter