It’s Just 5 Reps……


Date: 07/15/2021

PAX: Abercrombie, El Chapo, Pipeline, Schnitzel, Land Yacht, Cooter, Thin Mint

AO: The Battery


71 Degrees, Not much Wind, A little Foggy


Forward fold

SSH x 15

WMH X 10

Seal claps x10

LBAC (F&R) x10

Iraqi tea time oyo


The Thang

After warmup, we mosey’d with coupons, thru the wet, freshly mowed grass, over to the edge of the greenway.

It’s Just 5 Reps…

There are 5 sets of cones set up along the edge of the greenway on the backside of the dog park. each set of cones is 75 Feet apart.

All exercise reps done with a coupon.

Pax start at cone 1 and will do 1 curl then rifle carry their coupon to cone two where they will do two curls. Pax will continue this all the way thru cone 5. Pax will pick up 6….Then, once the 6 is in we start round 2.

Round 2

Cone 1, start with the 5 curls we ended with from round 1, and add 1 Squat Thruster, Repeat thru cone 5 adding 1 rep of squat thrusters at each cone, till cone 5. Pick up 6.

Rinse and repeat thru all 7 rounds

Adding exercise each round and 1 rep per cone. Pax will finish with the following.

Curls 165

Squat thrusters 140

Blockees 115

Bench press 90

Flutter kicks 65


John McCain’s 15


Actions has been on my mind here lately so i wanted to touch on how our actions affect others….


We have a lot of people that we deal with on a daily basis, and as much as we have to interact with others matters especially how we talk to and treat others, our actions say a lot about who we are as men, as fathers, as husbands, as leaders.

People are always watching, they watch how we treat coworkers, our family’s , friends and even enemies. Our actions impact our relationships with other people.

There is 4 ways you actions impact others:

  1. Your actions can reveal.

They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good. – Titus 1:16

Actions have the ability to reveal what’s in a person’s heart. There is an expression people use: “talk a good game.” This means a person says one thing and does another.

  1. Actions can conceal.

As powerful as actions are in revealing, they don’t always tell the whole story. Sometimes actions conceal what’s really in the heart.

Some people act simply to create an image of who they are. They want people to applaud and appreciate them for what they do. This is their sole motivation. While the actions they take are good, they conceal the true inspiration behind them.

  1. Actions can confuse.

f your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. – Proverbs 25:21

Actions have the ability to confuse those around you, especially when you treat someone different than they expected or they feel they deserve. Such as:

– when someone expects an angry response and you show them mercy, or

– when someone wrongs you and you repay them with kindness.

Responses like that says a lot about who we are.

  1. Actions can confirm.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. – John 13:35

Your actions have the ability to confirm the work that God is doing in your life. Such as:

– when you respond with patience where you used to fly off the handle

– when you exercise self-control over a habit or besetting sin that has been nagging you for years

– when you exhibit kindness and compassion for others when you used to be self-centered

As Christians we tend to talk the talk, but we need to follow that up by walking the walk.


as we are standing around waiting on other pax to arrive, YHC was asked what i had planned for the workout this morning. I responded with oh, nothing much, we wont have to do more than 5 reps of any exercise at a time……. at about the 20 minute mark in the workout El Chapo speaks up and asks who invited the Q up to this AO….. That was all Abercrombie…

With us doing our workout on the edge of the greenway, we had our fair share of runners and walkers coming thru, getting a few comments along the way from passers by, and then the runner who just passes right through and doesn’t miss a beat ignoring El Chapos quick EH attempt.

We also had company in Millie, a dog at the dog park there with her owner, I’m sure she didn’t, but it seemed like she barked at every movement we made. who knows she could have just been joining in on the ribbing that we were giving Schnitzel for purposely breaking his block…. it was like a modern day John Henry Moment….luckily he was left with a good Half of the block to continue his workout with. Although in the end Schnitzel may have been the smart one of the group, just breaking the block the way he did just to make it lighter…(We don’t actually believe that he broke it on purpose.) But none the less he joins the ranks of Woodrider and Sousa in the broken block club. Woodrider at least broke his own block, Sousa and Schnitzel, Well Maybe They would take better care of the blocks if they had their own.


Fallen 5 Convergance this Saturday 7-8 Ruck event after)

Prayers for friends of Schnitzel

Prayers for El Chapo @ Work

Thank You Guys For Having Me up to your Wonderful AO!

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