A Little Bit of everything and the importance of a Cornerstone!

QIC:  Sousa

Date: 07/24/21

PAX: Ramrod, AOL, MIA, Nutbuster, Mr. Burns

AO: Legacy


Pleasantly Humid, but overall a nice morning for a stroll through the park


SSH- 25

Third Grade exercise- 25

Forward FOld- OYO (For Threeskin)

Abe Vigoda’s-10

Lil Baby arm circles- 20


Seal-claps- 20


Chinooks- 10


The Thang

Round 1- All PAX did an exercise at the Q’s calling while a single PAX rifle carried a block across a dark and wet field, did 5 blockees and returned to pass the block to the next PAX.

Once all PAX had rifled carried, we began round 2

Round 2- All PAX did a variety of exercises incuding toe merkins while passing a block. A single Pax power skipped across the field and did 10 Ranger Merkins before returning. Once all Pax had power skipped, Round 3 began.

Round 3- More variety of exercises this time at calling of some PAX who had some preferences, Pickle Pointers and Pounders to name a few. This round we also planked and moved the single block around in the circle. Sousa’s Golden brick withstood the friction and rough pavement BUT DID NOT BREAK!!! The single PAX this round Jail broke across the field, did 10 Mountain Goats, and returned. Once All Pax Jail broke. The 2nd half of THE THANG began.

2nd Part of the Thang-

We enjoyed a mini ladder consisting of 10 burpees, 20 merkins, and 40 LBC’s with a lap in between each addition.

We also had just enough time to do 1 minute Wall sits with 10 second breaks while passing the block around (Triibute to Money Ball).

The mumblechatter while doing this portion of the beatdown consisted of sharing the importance of a cornerstone in any structure. without it, the building would crumble, or be structurally misaligned. I equated this with men needing to be the cornerstone to other men and encourage them to step up and encourage their guys to step up lead and so on so forth.


I shared the importance of a cornerstone in a structure while we were doing wall sits on the corner of the beautiful Heritage House at Heritage Park. Legacy was founded on the principle of extending a bridge to other men to help them not lead just each other, but their families, peers, co-workers, etc. I also reminded them of my faith in Christ and how without Jesus as my cornerstone I would be nothing, and I would crumble and fall. F3 has alot of cornerstone men that consistently drive other men to be the best they can. I encouraged the PAX to strive for that goal! To encourage and push those sad clowns that may be in their lives. Because as a cornerstone is built upon, a single block turns into a beautiful structure that is pleasing to the eye, and serves a purpose to the comunity. Likewise, a cornerstone HIM starts out, and as he brings other men he begins to grow a legacy that can’t be broken once built up!


No 7 layer burrito’s for Sousa so the mumble chatter consisted of positive encouragement rather than terrible disgust from the aftermath of the burrito!


Captain Wafer Convergence on 8-14-21 for a fundraiser to support his daughter who is battling leukimia.

Park Clean up day on 7-31-21 with Mr. Clean on Q. 6am beatdown, 7am coffeteria fellowship, and 8am-12pm Mulching and painting at Heritage Park where Legacy meets. We would love to see as many HIM there as possible to help service our community!

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