AOL’s Beatdown Extraordinaire


Date: 08/10/2021

PAX: Abercrombie, El Chapo, DeepDish, Thin Mint, Cooter, M.I.A., Uncle Joe, WuzntMe, Shotput

AO: The Battery


72 Degrees, and muggy enough it uncomfortable..


SSH X 15

WMH x 10

Don quiotes x 10


Overhead claps x 10


Mosey a lap

The Thang

Thang 1, 11’s on the grass field next to the skate park. on one end of the field we started with Ranger Merkins and on the other end we did Flutter kicks (Cadence Count). Mode of transportation between the stations was bear crawls.

Thang 2, BBMM’S

Burpees 1 x N

Big Boys 2 x N

Merkins 3 x N

Monkey Humpers 4 x N

Squats 5 x N

Where N = Number of cycles done.

so then 2,4,6,8,10 then 3,6,9,12,15 etc.

we took a lap between rounds 2 & 3. Pax finished 5 rounds.

at the 3 minute mark left, Pax circled up for 2 rounds of Howling Monkeys.


Our Days seem so fast paced, We are always in a hurry. We have to get here, we have to get there. We get so caught up in the fastness of everyday life that we forget to enjoy what we are doing right now. Its always something in the future we are looking forward to. I Helped MIA put up a new bed in his son’s room last night, im sure he feels like time is just flying by in raising his son. we hear people say, i cant wait for my son to get to this stage, or i cant wait for my daughter to do this…..

So my challenge to you men is to be present in the time that you are in, and be thankful for where you are.


as we started Thang 1, the sweat started rolling. doing the bear crawls on the grassy field provided us all with several comments from the pax about the choice of YHC to do bear crawls. We had a couple “Stupid” Comments that is usually reserved for Coldplay. Abercrombie also commented that it may have been them most bear crawls that he had done at one time. There was some blaming going around due to the choice of exercise, that was thrown in Thin Mints Direction….he also chose bear crawls as a MOT during the 11’s that we all did during his VQ.


Convergence on saturday 8/14 at miller park with FIA (Blood Drive for Captain Wafer’s Daughter)

prayer requests for Deepdish’s wife as she heads back to school (Teacher)

MIA’s aunt, in hospital with covid

el chapo’s dad, has aneurysm and needs surgery, prayers for room to come available.

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