Doracides – Spooky Halloween Edition

QIC:  Tatonka

Date: 10/29/2021

PAX: Cavity Search, Face Plant, Jaws, Peetuhson, Second Base

AO: Parliament


Low 50’s and some dampness in the air from recent rains. Additional rain was kind enough to hold off until after the beatdown concluded.


SSH x 20
Little Baby Arm circles x 11 (because Q can’t count)
Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles x 9 (because Q wanted total arm circles to be 20)
Seal Claps x 10
Raise the roofs x 10
Moroccan Night Clubs x10
Fat Joes / La-Z-Boys OYO
Forward Fold OYO

The Thang

Q set up 3 cones on straightaway of track.
Cone 1: 50 meters out
Cone 2: 75 meters out
Cone 3: 100 meters out

Partner 1: Begin performing exercise and continue until Partner 2 finishes circuit below
Partner 2: Run to cone 1, perform 1 burpee
Run back to Partner 1
Partner 2: Run to cone 2, perform 2 burpees
Run back to Partner 1
Partner 2: Run to cone 3, perform 3 burpees
Run back to Partner 1
Partners switch places. Partner 2 picks up running total exercise count where Partner 1 left off. Example: Partner 1 completed 25 merkins, Partner 2’s merkin count would begin at rep number 26.

Rinse and repeat for time making way through the following exercises:

100 Cobras – John McCains but since this is a spooky themed Q we changed the name. The PAX hands behind the back of their heads mimic a cobra’s hood

150 Spider Merkins – A merkin where you bring the knee to the outside of the elbow on the way down (basically a Merkin + Peter Parker)

200 Wolf Mans – Air Squats with both hands up imitating a wear wolf

250 BBSU – Big Boy Boo Sit Ups

300 Frankensteins – Straight Leg Alternating Toe Touches

With 5 minutes left, Q called for Pax to gather round and perform some Mary Scary


Q spoke on recent idea that was shared via a friend from church life group. The 10-10-10 rule in life can help us be better leaders, better friends, and better community members in generally. Most of our excuses from why we can’t/don’t/won’t do something fall into similar categories: we don’t have time, we don’t have money, we don’t know what to say

The 10-10-10 rules aims to challenge those excuses and break bad habits.

Rule 1: Leave 10 minutes earlier
If you leave 10 minutes earlier you likely won’t have an excuse for not having time to do things. If you end up getting held up (in traffic, getting out the door, etc.) you might still arrive on time and not be further stressed.

Rule 2: Carve out $10 extra dollars in your wallet/pocket
When you see an opportunity to help someone who could truly use the money more than you, you won’t have an excuse that you don’t have any money on you to help them.

Rule 3: Say at least 10 words to everyone you converse with throughout the day
The following dialogue probably sounds familiar:

Me: Hi, how are you?
Them: I’m good, how are you doing?
Me: I’m fine. Thanks for asking!

It’s almost as autonomous a response as breathing it. Little thought or effort goes into the above conversation and I’m just as guilty of it as the next person. Those 9 words above add absolutely zero impact to your day or anyone else’s. Furthermore, they are generally a big lie. I’ll often tell someone I’m fine when I have a million things on my mind that are stressing me out. If you challenge yourself to say 10 words to every person you speak to, you just might uncover a way to minister, support, or help yourself or someone you come across during you day.

Q challenged PAX to try to incorporate the 10-10-10 rule into their lives and see what kind of positive impact it could have on them throughout their day.


Q thought he was going to have his first ever merlot splashing from a PAX, but alas it did not occur. Beatdown could have been tougher I suppose.

Second Base may or may not have been practicing his one armed Merkins on his own time just waiting to bust out impeccable and impressive form during his turn on Mary.


Chubbies on Mondays (except the first of the month, for now). Reach out to Mayhem to get on the serve schedule.

Thanksgiving day convergence at Hill City. Beatdown in the morning followed by Grateful Gobbler 5k / Mega EH event. Please sign up for the Grateful Gobbler if you plan to participate in that portion.

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