Carotid Cardio Cleanout

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 11/01/2021

PAX: 8 Mile, Bada Bing, Blowpop, Burrito, Friday, Mansiere, Manscaper, Squirt, Zima

AO: Convoy


The cool, fall-like temps upon us and all of the northern signal mountain hemisphere constellations in full view. Someone mentioned the big dipper, but I was certain I was wearing shorts long enough to hide it (hmmm, maybe not); and it was dark… Probably a good time to make this note for future attendees not aware – arriving before ~5:25am at Convoy – it’s pitch black with the parking lot lights set to the off position (Burrito’s trying to save convoy on the utility bill, I suppose). Early risers and gloomers were able to appreciate the wonder of the cosmos, good thing too, because otherwise we’d be forced to actually look at one another. Eek! And I thought Halloween was behind us!

For those attending, I tried to start us at 5:26, but the ceremonious pax vetoed that notion; “it’s not 5:30!”, Burrito insisted.

On this, the 305th day of the year, the Catholic in me was mindful that today is an observed holy day; All Saints’ Day. Interesting fact for the day, the perhaps lesser-known “Halloween” is actually not a public holiday in the United States, Canada, or Great Britain. “Publically” or “Civically” in the sense that it is recognized, established by law, and most often provided as a day-off (for those who choose to work). Second, but perhaps not as interesting is a personal fact — in all my years at Catholic school, we were not taught formally about All Saints Day. They just said, it’s All Saints Day and you’re going to mass today (Me: “Awesome”; also me: “the gluten-free kids are gonna be so bloated after the eucharist is delivered har har har”)…. So, to wikipedia I went to learn about that which was never taught to the Catholic school children; tuition aside, wikipedia delivers as usual.

This day in history notes that in 1966 the NFL awarded New Orleans with a football franchise. The team was named the ‘Saints’ for whatever reason. Were the ‘Pelicans’ already taken?

Who is bored of this section of the backblast right now? Boy this is awful. Should I continue this mid-morning post coffee induced rambling or talk about how we should look to Detroit as the city planning tutorial for cities looking to improve value in one night every year? Yeah, that…


Not so much a ‘circle of pain’, but mostly stretching with midwife noises. Also some runner stretches foreshadowing the upcoming plan. It was at this point that we all were very certain that Burrito had arrived and he was well. For this, we were grateful.

Post stretching and lighthearted commentary behind us, we mosey’d to the hill in the position ahead of the high school entrance.

Elevens were called, Squat Jumps and Burpees; After 3 rounds ( 10:1, 9:2, 8:3), bernie sanders up the hill and then up to the track for the main thang.

The Thang

Cardiac Arrest Combatant
Remain in motion throughout these exercises but keep together for the benefit of team

400m Run
40 SSH / 30 High Knee / 20 Mtn Climbers / 10 HR merkins
— 45 second Wall sit / Smurfjacks IC / 45 second wall sit

800m Run
40 SSH / 30 High Knee / 20 Mtn Climbers / 10 HR merkins
— 45 second Wall sit / Smurfjacks IC

400m Run with indigenous peoples mindset
40 SSH / 30 High Knee / 20 Mtn Climbers / 10 HR merkins

Return to position at top of original place of Elevens
Complete two more rounds of 11’s (6:5 & 5:6)

Head to startex for Seven Minutes of Mary Three’s (editor’s note: there were only 4 minutes of mary three’s); Army Rope Climbs, American Hammers – Slow edition, Flutter Kicks with Recycle’s Army cadence


Inky Johnson podcast with his mentor talked about the process of achieving goals. The goal can sometimes be a guide post, but after you reach and attain those goals it is very easy to say, “Ok! I’ve reached my goal! I’ve done it.” — and quit. Sad, but true. Couch to Half Marathoner’s can unite on this experience. Their love for pinterest guides to get them off the couch, only to return to the couch afterwards is a recipe for disaster.

Set up habits and systems. Daily rituals and tasks to constantly refine and hone in on what you hope to eventually be, or become. Think of the carrot and the donkey. Keep the goal just out of your reach, always moving and adjusting your target further and further as you improve. Never allow yourself to actually achieve the goal, but only continue to reach for it and this is how you’ll improve daily. Does the farmer quit when he reaches harvest? What does the farmer do in the days after harvest?

Find joy and appreciation in the act of improving each day and the momentum you maintain. If you are testing yourself and those tests lead to eventual wins -or- losses, make it a point to place less emphasis on the outcome of the ‘tests’, but instead cherish the value of your effort and rejoice in the opportunity and the blessing to constantly work towards an unattainable perfection. Hard work is just that, hard work.


  • Detroit citizens burn their city down annually; like a real-life purge of drug real estate
  • 8 Mile’s famous ‘snow camp’ story is longer than 4 minutes worth of dialogue
  • Rocky 4, that’s the joke”, is (still) a hilarious joke
  • 1600m record at Signal Mtn High is 4:27″, Burrito scoffed (don’t ask him about the shotput distance record, unless you’re ready for a full onslaught of shotput facts that are super interesting and relatively unknown to 99% of humanity)


Thanksgiving convergence and gobbler race is upcoming. Details in slack.

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