Track day Kracken Suicides


Date: 11/16/2021

PAX: Quackers, Toe Tag, Cavity Search, Mandela, Blackout, Toto, Dimples, Sojourner, Face Plant, Wrecked’em, John Doe, Hillshire, Pitbike, Fortnite, M.I.A, Sousa, Bonsai, Mayhem, Choo Choo, ILean



Cold, 42 Degrees


ssh x15

wmh x 10

michael phelps x 10



The Thang

PAX were taken to the beginning point on the track.

(orange cones)

 there are 4 sets of cones from the starting point. pax will be doing suicides. as “BUY IN” PAX before starting the suicide portion they are to complete 5 Kracken Burpees…….Pax were divided into 2 groups, just to alleviate some 1 started with kraken burpees, group2 started suicides. pax then begin sprinting to first cone then MOSEY back to starting point, then sprint  to cone 2 and back to starting point. pax repeat thru all 4  Cones, once 4th cone is reached, PAX are to make a full lap around the track & back to starting point, where they are to repeat the “Buy In” after each full lap. Rinse and repeat until Time…



This Morning is YHC’s 1 year F3 Anniversary! This morning is my 249th workout of 2021 this past year has been hard. before i started F3, I would have told you that if you see me running, its because someone is chasing me. I had never run a mile, and really couldnt when i started. my first barometer day in feb i ran a 10:23 mile. August was the last barometer day that i ran in, and ran a 7:01!

You guys have helped me dropped right at 50 lbs,

i have dropped two pants sizes, i have dropped from 2 x shirts down into Large shirts.

You guys were able to help me change my diet, we started eating better, smaller portions, drinking more water everyday, before i would drink 5-6 sodas a day without even thinking about it.

when i joined F3, i Never thought that this was something that i would have been able to accomplish…..i took a change in my MINDSET, that change came from you all, that it was not only possible, but that i had the ability to put in the work to get it done. i realized that no one was gonna do it for me, but i saw that i had you men out here beside me each morning, pushing me…… come on just a little bit further, a little bit faster, come on a few more reps.

Someone once told me of just setting a goal to get 1% better everyday. So thats what you guys did, you helped me to focused on small improvements everyday,


Alot of these mornings are hard. Some harder than others depending on who is on Q, we tend to give into our thoughts when we think it is time to quit……keep pushing, EMBRACE THE SUCK, yeah what we are doing out here each morning, it sucks, its no fun. its COLD!!

they say your body can go 7 Times farther, 7 harder, than your mind tells you that you can….

but we might as well put in the work while we are out here.

make the commitment to be out here multiple times per week, show up here, travel to other AO’S, meet new men, you never know the relationships that you posting at another AO WILL TURN IN TO.

I wanna leave you guys with this verse…

Philippians 2:3-4

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more than yourselves. Let each of you look not to only his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

That’s what I see in each one of you! 


The young Guys Seemed to set the pace, (Pitbike, Hillshire, Fortnite) as there was no tatonka to keep them at bay. There was mumble chatter between the guys that ended up running together, but im not real sure of those conversations, most everyone was spread out after the first round. there was some moans and groans, most of us did not want to be running, but then again it was track day, so we couldn’t NOT run. or as M.I.A tells me after the fact, you could do what ever you want, then there are flashbacks to M.I.A’s trackday Q with blocks…..noone has good memories of that day, and i wasnt there. Maybe Next time Guys!



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