Clothespin’s Home Gym

QIC:  Clothespin

Date: 11/17/2021

PAX: El Chapo, Landmine, Cooter, Sousa, Iron Butt, Mandela, M.I.A., Seagul, Mr. Burns, Top’em, Ducktales, Ramrod, Full Moon, Quackers, Madoff, AOL, Uncle Joe

AO: Hacksaw


Breezy (especially around Ducktales) clear and cool

Perfect Gloom Weather!!!!!


Mosey to big Flag drop Coupons on the way.
Quick warmup:
Arm Cir
Forward Fold

The Thang

I do not always get to come to F3 but I have all these toys at my disposal in case I don’t. Welcome to my home gym!
I really enjoyed the mumble chatter today!
Clothespin’s Home Gym

3 stations with 7 exercises at each station.
1 minute at each exercise then rotate. Once through all 21 exercises entire PAX will take a lap and start over. Continue until Mary time. We made it all the way around 1 time and stared again made it through 3 exercises and it was time for Mary. Mary at the end was BBS (IC), Freddie Mercury(IC), and a Bows&Toes Plank (1min).

Station 1:
• Wall Core- shrugs
• Small Tire- Flip
• Big Tire- Sledge Hammer
• Log- Bent over Rows
• Light Sandbag- Throws
• Heavy Sandbag- Dead lift
• Ruck- Get Ups

Station 2:
• Curls
• Triceps
• Toe merkins
• Squats
• Kettle Bell Swings
• Wander Bras
• Step-ups

Station 3:
• Merkins
• Imperial Walkers
• Monkey Humpers
• X-Factors
• Flutter Kicks


Today is the 3year anniversary of The Battery. I am so thankful that F3 came into my life and the changes it has brought. Its not just about coming out here and working hard. It’s about making yourself better. Better in all aspects of life.
BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


I thinks it’s supposed to be “Wonder Bras” not “Wander Bras”. –Madoff
I didn’t come to teach you English. We came to work! — Clothespin

I swear I felt the wind change directions when Ducktales farted during Mary.


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