Not Leg Day

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 12/03/2021

PAX: Mr. Clean, Picabo, Squirt, Too Tall, Transplant

AO: Lion’s Den


A very comfortable 45ish degrees. To be honest YHC wishes it were colder so he didn’t take off his beanie.


Some moseying, some blocks grabbed, some SSH, some stretches. YHC takes requests apparently.

The Thang

Webbicides – Part 1

Run 10 yards, 1 burpee, return, 4 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 20 yards, 2 burpees, return, 8 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 30 yards, 3 burpees, return, 12 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 40 yards, 4 burpees, return, 16 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 50 yards, 5 burpees, return, 20 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 60 yards, 6 burpees, return, 24 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 70 yards, 7 burpees, return, 28 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 80 yards, 8 burpees, return, 32 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 90 yards, 9 burpees, return, 36 OH Press w/ coupon
Run 100 yards, 10 burpees, return, 40 OH Press w/ coupon

Webbicides – Part B
Same pattern as above with 1 x Merkin to 4 x Curls for the Girls

Webbicides – Part iii
Same pattern as above with 1 x Big Boy Sit-up to 4 x Flutter Kicks (4 count)
PAX completed roughly 1/2 of Part iii before time.



Discussed the reasons for advent focusing particularly on the importance of preparing a way and hope. If you want more info on the COT you should have been at Lion’s Den… or read this.


Picabo sandbagged us on the burpees but he went beast mode on the OH presses.

Apparently, (supposedly) Mr. Clean complained about shoulder soreness while in the midst of complaining about the pre workout stretching. Workout assisted the soreness.

YHC needs to learn how to tell time. And to not himself in the head with a coupon while doing OH presses.

On an unrelated note, some head injuries make large quantities of OH presses more endurable.


Chubby’s every Monday, except first Monday of the month, check 3rd-f channel for schedule and sign up to serve. Items needed: pants, coats/jackets/sweaters, belts, rain gear, industrial garbage bags, batteries; smaller clothes preferred but not required; drop off donations at any AO and/or to any AOQ.

WuzntMe has put together 4th F Weekend to celebrate fatherhood and bond with our 2.0s at what is shaping up to be an excellent event, May 19-21 – check the 4th-f-weekend channel for details and to HC. Registration form HERE

Prayers for Captain Wafer & family.