Where are the Wimps?

QIC:  Cooter

Date: 01/08/2022

PAX: Clothespin, El Chapo, Abercrombie, Deep Dish, Pipeline

AO: the Battery


The weather this morning was just cold. We had various readings from PAX ranging from 17-20 on the way in, and YHC was looking at 22 degrees Fahrenheit on the way out the door. Grass was nice and crunchy, with spots of ice to watch out for on the smooth surfaces. Other than this, the sky was clear and the wind nearly non-existent – a great morning to get some cold weather work in!


Introduction, mosey to field to circle around flags.

  • Forward Fold – oyo + mumble; PAX were mum at this point
  • Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC
  • SSH x20 IC
  • Forward Fold again – oyo + mumble; PAX started to chatter bit more than just their teeth
  • LBAC x10 IC
  • Reverse LBAC x10 IC
  • Seal Claps x10 IC
  • Cherry Pickers x10 IC
  • Michael Phelps x10 oyo to loosen up

Mosey 70ft back to cars, pick up medicine ball. Mosey 2300ft/705m paced Indian Run with ball being passed from front to back… but then the fun started 🙂

The Thang

On paper the plan above was a mosey back to the cars to retrieve blocks, all the while tossing the ball backward and running it to the front. But that’s when butterfingers “dropped” the ball not even at the halfway mark – 5 penalty burpees. the Battery’s OG Deep Dish felt like we needed a little more “fun,” so we gladly obliged throughout the mosey.

Part 1A) PAX accumulated 45 total burpees on the nearly half mile mosey.

Part 1B) Pick up blocks at cars, mosey to pavilion 330ft/100m:

  • 25 Shoulder Press
  • 25 Curls
  • 25 Block Bench Press
  • 25 Skull Crushers
  • 25 Block Pullovers

2 Rounds for PAX: First pass is “wait on six each exercise” Al Gore or plank until six. End of round 1 = 5 more burpees; 50 total. Second pass is all exercises oyo, and plank until six,

Part 2) Abandon blocks and pavilion for a mosey to the tennis courts 1100ft/330m. *See moleskin for what would have been* prior to arrival. At the courts:

  • 25 Squats oyo – Al Gore – Sprint short corner together
  • 25 Imperial Walkers HC oyo – Al Gore – Bernie long corner together
  • 25 Squat Jumps oyo – Al Gore – Sprint short corner together
  • 25 Hillbillies EC oyo – Al Gore – Bernie long corner together

2 Rounds for PAX.

Part 3) Mosey *referring to moleskin for important detail* past flags, behind skate and dog parks, back to the pavilion 1600ft/480m. Putting blocks aside, we focused on abs with a “modified Bruce Lee”:

  • 20 American Hammers EC
  • 20 Leg Raises EC
  • 20 LBCs EC
  • 20 Heel Touches EC
  • 20 Freddie Mercuries EC
  • 20 100s EC

3 Rounds for PAX. Plank for six. Between rounds 2 and 3, PAX accumulated 5 more burpees, for a total of 55.

Final Movement) Rifle Carry blocks back to cars 330ft/100m, meet at the Flags. 15 SSH in cadence, to round out the ~minute of time left on the clock. Great push by all. All said:

  • 360 reps of abs
  • 250 reps of upper body
  • 200 reps of legs
  • 55 burpees
  • 1+ Mile of run/mosey


COT Today was about Servant Leadership. YHC being on Q was by way of Tatonka falling ill, so I scrambled to pull together a decent Q for the guys. More largely, I agreed to Co-AOQ the Battery in what I feel is servant leadership – not to be one of the bosses of anything, but to be a contributor and facilitator for a period of time in order to help the group grow and get better, myself included. I spent most of yesterday in servant leadership to my family – cooking, unexpected trip to the in-laws to help move something, etc. With this, I felt like I could have used more planning time for F3, but it all worked out just fine IMO.

I shared a few points on servant leadership, as well as encouraged PAX to try and focus on trying to lead in this way, which I think we all do – that’s why we are doing what we do for each other.



It was a cold 20 degree day, grass was icy and crunchy. Prior to the 7a start, me and Abercrombie did a few hundred reps of work, while Clothespin got in some pre-ruck action.

The day before Tatonka got sick, so I threw some things together that would have us PAX roaming all over the Battery together (like buffalo, I suppose) for some work to keep us warm. Hopefully Tatonka is back with us soon! The name of this Q however just fell in my lap – read on.

During CoP, things started slow and no one was really chatting. But rest-assured, things did lighten up. We headed over to the cars to pick up the medicine ball for a nice “mosey.” Indian run mosey ensued. Things went textbook for the first 4 or 5 exchanges. Then butterfingers Deep Dish kept dropping the ball, which we all loved and hated at the same time. All told the ball was dropped 9 times before we got back which cost us 45 burpees 🙂 When we arrived, we were all loose and ready to work. We wasted no time and got busy. There was some mumble chatter about the nice 9 Volt designed block handles for the pullovers versus the web of the block; whichever method we all seemed to hate these; sure to be a staple from here on out. We added 5 more burpees here too, and I forget why – I think just because Deep Dish called for them.

The plan on paper (that i actually left behind at the pavilion a few steps into the mosey to the tennis courts – had to run back), was at this point for us to visit the hill. Jacob’s Ladder was originally going to ensue (sprint up hill, each time do 1 more burpee than last time, mosey down and increase to 7). This would have only been 28 total, compared to the 50 we already had done… so in the interest of time and having gotten some burpees in, I decided to skip Jacob’s Ladder.

Once the PAX moved over to the tennis courts, we had to be cautious of the ice patches while sprinting and bernie-ing. There was some mumble and groans once we got to the squat jumps – they were not pleasant. Deep Dish also gave us a “Zero” 10-count after round 1, which was on-point and proper Deep Dish form; we got right back into the second round!

Where are the Wimps?! On the way out of the tennis courts en route to mosey past the flags, we met another Battery regular – I don’t know her yet, but I know her presence early at the Battery. Picture a 70-year old grandmother in her tennis shoes, thick lined button-down pea-coat, knitted scarf and toboggan. She appears to be completing her walk and heading to her black early 2000’s model Cadillac Seville (in clean and proper working form, mind you). This good spirited woman stops us to ask “Where are the Wimps?” She was curious why there were so few of us this cold morning – says she’s used to seeing more of us working out!! All we could do was kindly agree with her that many of the other regulars are indeed wimps for not coming out in this misery with us. We had some laughs, as did she – very nice lady – I was impressed at her cold-hardiness to get out there in 20 degree weather to get her exercise in. So without any real name for this workout, it kinda found it’s way to us right here.

We ended the Thang on some good solid ab work, as well as 5 more burpees – by this time, we were working up sweats and were able to make it through 3 full rounds of the abs, which I considered a stroke of luck on timing with just a few minutes left to get back to the flags.

Cooter, Pipeline, Abercrombie and Clothespin were able to meet up at coffeteria with Tinkerbell who just had carpal tunnel surgery. Various discussions – some revolved around Battery T-shirts and/or F3 gear.


  • Chubby’s (El Chapo added about 501.3c and donations)
  • 2/19 Tuff Muff; Lions Den to Landfill to Hill City beatdowns w run/ruck in between. (Clothespin will deliver a “wish-you-had-gone-to-tuff-muff” beatdown at the Battery)
  • 5/19 4th F with Fathers and 2.0 all-inclusive weekend at Johnson Woods – See WuzntMe or the 4th F channel on slack for details.

Prayer Requests: Intl Friends Netw Cleveland traveling abroad, WuzntMe, Tatanka, AOL, Tin Snip, Ms Baker, Fire and Tornado first responders and victims.

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