No Excuses Carried Over

QIC:  John Doe

Date: 01/10/2022

PAX: Tinder, Full Moon, Clothespin, Mr. Burns, Abercrombie, Cavity Search, Jaws, Madoff, Escobar, Face Plant, Ramrod

AO: Hacksaw


It was a bit brisk this morning hovering in the twenties somewhere with a nice and what felt like a somewhat heavy breeze. That could’ve just been Escobar’s hind music


Slow Mosey over to the Commons Pavilion. Split into two groups roughly 15-20 yards apart. Group A bear crawled to Group B and back to the starting point, while Group B held plank. Group B then bear crawled to Group A and back to their starting point while Group A held plank. Rinse & Repeat (did 2 rounds to get the PAX warm)

The Thang

Kept the exercises pretty simple and contained. The main focus was on burn out and maintaining proper form. Took the Q a lot of thought and planning for this one.

Merkin Mania
Regular Merkin – 30 reps

Diamond Merkin – 20 reps

Wide Merkins – 30 reps

Dive Bombers – 30 reps

Regular Merkin – 15 reps

Aquamans – Sure

3 sets of 50

“An” Ab

Big Boi Sit Up – 60 reps

4 Way Crunches (LBC, Left Oblique Crunch, Right Oblique Crunch, Reverse LBC) – 50 reps or 200 Total

Heals to Heaven – 60 reps

Flutter Kicks – 150 Hard Count or 300 Total

1/2 Sit Up – 100 reps called (PAX did AmRep for 2 minutes instead)

One Last Push

Max number of Merkins in 2 minutes


QIC referenced a recent sermon by Andy Stanly called “Paper Walls”. The premise around the message centered around excuses. Excuses in many cases turn into “reasons”, but that is a false cover or a paper wall put up instead. Those reasons tend to become a “because”. I didn’t do this because, I couldn’t make it because, I can’t tell him/her because, etc. (EXCUSE – REASON – BECAUSE). An excuse can be defined as a lie to ourselves about ourselves. Over time it can even become a believable story or a “reason” why we do or don’t something.

As we start 2022 there are a lot of good things we want to carry with us from the previous year (friendships, families, etc.) However, don’t let an excuse old or new be one of those things. Don’t carry that excuse with you. My Dad always says to me and even my daughters, “There’s no time like the present.” Start now don’t wait. Procrastination is the theif of time.

BALL OF MAN: Our guy Madoff closed us out in prayer this morning. Continued prayers for several PAX


Pretty apparent there were a lot of professionals at Hacksaw today. That’s all. Should’ve shown up to get the rest.

How was the backblast, Dundee? Do I get a merit badge?


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