The Shopkeeper and His Son Were A Different Story Altogether…

QIC:  WuzntMe

Date: 1/17/22

PAX: Ramrod, Full Moon, John Doe, WreckedEm (with a W), MIA, Bernie, Choo Choo



Cold, frozen, and covered in ice and snow. However, you wouldn’t know from Ramrod’s insistence that it’s shorts weather.


Various amounts of SSH and stretches. Plus some burpees. Unoriginal.

The Thang

Countdown to the Countdown:

13 of each:
Leg Lifts
Incline merkins
Decline merkins

Do all 13, then when finished, do 12, then 11, so on. Everytime the timer goes off, 5 dips.

Q: Modification for dips?
A: Burpees.
Choo Choo: hellyeah. <proceeds to do burpees in weightvest while somewhere in the distance a bald eagle screams and freedom happens and we win the cold war again>

Pax “enjoyed” some stoner rock.


Shared a story about how yesterday I was consumed with a task at hand, and almost missed an opportunity to pepper my M with snowballs. I am admittedly awful about getting focused on a task and forgetting to actually live in the moment. One day, after I will have spent the entirety of my life making plans, I will realize that I have burned through my youth and the only plan left is to die. Live in the moment, put aside your plans, and take the opportunities as they come.


Pretty sure that this is the first time the term “douchebag” has ever been used during formal prayer requests. Our apologies to the Almighty, but we are thankful for John Doe’s new adventure. Douchebag.

Full Moon forgot about Clutch. Vamanos, vamanos.

Ramrod voiced his displeasure that the PAXs’ Ms don’t respect classic drummers.

Most of the PAX have been through this particular workout before; MIA reminded me that this was unoriginal. I reminded him of the Hacksaw mission statement : World’s most unoriginal AO, where everything is likely to be better somewhere else.


Tuff Muff on 2/19
4th F Weekend in May

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