January Madness!

QIC:  Stork

Date: 01/20/2022

PAX: AOL, Hey Buddy, Mayhem, Queso, Radar, Shawshank, and our 4 legged team mascot Atlas.

AO: Ridgecut


COLD! Cremasteric workout started immediately upon leaving the vehicle. Wind chill upper teens…brrrr!


SSH x20, Mosey to end of parking lot and back, FF 10 count, Willie Mays Hayes 10 count, Iraqi Tea Time 10 count, Shortened version of Shoulder Blasters. Grab your block and mosey to The Thang locale in lower blocking lot.

The Thang

It is basketball season and time to get the team in shape. Hopefully this is part one of a series of beatdowns with a basketball theme by the Q. As anyone knows and has watched Hoosiers, before you play you must get in peak physical condition! Parking lot marked off with cones in the dimensions of a basketball court…94’x50′. Center Court marked. At each corner is a exercise for the team to complete. Merkins in one corner, X-factors hard count in another, Squats with block, and Curl/Press in the fourth. Blocks divided up between the squat/curl-press corners. Pair up to have someone to commiserate with…sprint to a corner of your choice but not everyone to the same corner, do 32 reps of the exercise, sprint back to center court and do 5 burpees. Moving clockwise to the next corner from where you started, sprint there, do 30 reps of that exercise, back to center court, 5 burpees…and so on and so forth until you hit 0. Help the six in at the end as we are a team. For your burpee enjoyment a selection of songs with the theme of “Heat”, “Hot”, and “Fire” played on the Q’s speaker.

Next up, split team into two groups and sprint to opposite corners. Bear crawl the width of the court, sprint the length, meet in the middle once you made it around the court. Repeat.

Finally, 5 mins of Mary.


As men, as members of F3, we are typically performance driven. We push ourselves to be better, setting metrics and benchmarks of accomplishments. We strive to complete goals and projects, and this can be a good thing. But word of caution, don’t let this become the way of a walk with Christ. When you complete a beatdown or something off the to do list, commonly you sit down and rest as the task is complete. Hebrews 1:3 states once Christ completed the purification of all sin, He SAT DOWN at the right hand of the Father. Why did He sit down? Because the work is finished. Be careful in your Christian life to work hard out of love for what He has done for us and not out of sense of earning His love or trying to make your way to Him. Christ loves you on your worst day the same as He does on your best day. Work for Him out of true love for what He has done for you.


Mumble chatter was present. Grumbling to start with on the announcement of the 4 exercises as several team members arms were toast from a vicious Thursday beatdown with a block by AOL. When we were about complete with the first part, team was discouraged that only 15 minutes had passed. Sprints to center court and back to corner quickly turned into slow jog/walk as team was not in basketball shape yet. “This sucks” and “Who invited Stork” were commonly heard.


Tuff Muff 2/19. Continued need for help with Chubbys. Prayer requests included AOL, his family, his wife and his dad who is critically ill in the hospital with Covid. Blair Witch’s dad who is soon to undergo prostate cancer surgery. Other requests spoken and silent.

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