Excuse Me the Mental Out Ways the Physical

QIC:  John Doe

Date: 01/20/22

PAX: Mansiere, Hambone, FNG – Moose Knuckle, Burrito, Yellow 5, Laces Out, Pebbles, Zima, Sidekick, Whitler, Recycle, Jorts, Proscuitto, 8 Mile

AO: Smackdown


Where to start? It was a day or two post thaw from a recent snow that covered the mountain. Rain had drizzled in earlier that morning to only stop just before startex. It was wet and muddy. There was an 8-12 mph northeast wind calmly blowing across. The temperatures were hovering in the mid-30’s but the windchill made it feel more like the high 20’s.

The conditions were so unfavorable that YQIC considered changing the planned events to be more PAX “friendly” but decided against doing so in order to stick with the theme. A decision that may or may not have been the correct one, but one that felt necessary.


Mostly traditional type excercises. LBAC – 15 (IC), Rev LBAC – 15 (IC), Slow (at Proscuitto’s request) Tea pots – 10 (IC), FF – 10 (yes IC), Willy Mays Hays – 10 (IC), No SSH because YQIC is injured (wait…is that an excuse?)

The Thang

To start we counted off in groups of 5. However, much like YQICs Wordle game the math was a little off. After having to get most of the PAX to stop walking and talking we finally made it to our destination on the other side of the bleachers in the field close to the pull-up bars. At this point YQIC realized his count was off and we need to be in groups of 3 and not 5. Quick reshuffle and we were off. One would say we were having a solid start to the morning.

No Fun Bus

PAX A – Bearcrawl 20 yds to pull up bar does 1 pull up then relieve PAX B

PAX B – 10 Toe Tap Merkins (easy way) then AmRep Aqua mans until tagged by PAX A; Once tagged by PAX A then bearcrawl 20 yds to PAX C

PAX C – 10 Dive Bombers then AmRep Aqua mans until tagged by PAX B; Once tagged by PAX B then bearcrawl 20 yds to pull up bar and do 1 pull up then relieve PAX A

Once each PAX in the group has cycled through and done 1 pull up then the round is complete. The cycle continues for the duration only to increase by 1 pull up each round. Round 1 = 1 pull-up per PAX, Round 2 = 2 pull ups per PAX, etc…

We did 3 full rounds….more to come on this

On Your Six

Big Boi Sit Up – 60 reps

4 Way Crunches (LBC, Left Oblique Crunch, Right Oblique Crunch, Reverse LBC) – 50 reps or 200 Total

Heals to Heaven – 60 reps

Flutter Kicks – 150 Hard Count or 300 Total

1/2 Sit Up – 100 reps called (PAX did AmRep for 2 minutes instead)


Sticking with the theme from the previous week YQIC referenced a recent series by Andy Stanly called “Paper Walls.” Just like in the COT at Hacksaw and this particular message from Andy, the premise centered around excuses. Which the majority of the PAX this particular morning failed at completely. Excuses in many cases turn into “reasons”, but that is a false cover or a paper wall put up instead. Those reasons tend to become a “because”. I didn’t do the bearcrawls because my hands were cold, I did SSH instead of aqua man’s, because I didn’t want to get wet or I’m here going through the motions so that’s good enough. An excuse can be defined as a lie to ourselves about ourselves. Over time it can even become a believable story or a “reason” why we do or don’t do something.

These little excuses can become bigger excuses. They can begin to pile up and snowball on us, eventually effecting our friendships, our marriages, our relationships with our kids. The good news is we can control them. We can shift the narrative. Our excuses should be more geared to good, and toward a growing relationship with Jesus. If we can do the little things well and not make an excuse then He will open the door to empower us to do BIG things well.

BALL OF MAN: One of the OG’s himself Whittler (so good to see you) lead us out in prayer. Continued prayers for several PAX out there.


YQIC was extremely excited about this trip to the mountain. There was potential for several old school guys showing up and it was going to feel a bit like old times. Admittedly, I was a little giddy at the thought of it. Got there so early out of pure excitement. Couldn’t sleep. The attendance did not disappoint. We had a mix of old school, new school, guys from near and far. Solid group of HIMs, no doubt.

ALOT of mumble chatter this particular morning. Plenty of laughter, plenty of jokes, and plenty of standing around. Maybe because it did feel like somewhat of a reunion to some. Or maybe that’s just the identity of Smackdown, only time will tell.

Halfway through the workout several PAX had succumbed to creating an entirely new workout through modifications. Not due to injury or lack of physical ability but because of conditions. I like to image had it been dry and 65 there would have been more effort given. So YQIC modified too. That’s when we hit the six for 20 minutes. Everyone did their best to find a dry spot. It felt a little intentional that everyone (but one) made sure they were far away from me. Maybe it was from agitation, frustration, or plain coincidence?? Who knows? Anyhow, thank you 8 Mile for not treating me like a leper:)

Note: Pebbles has always been one of the fastest bear crawlers I’ve seen, but Zima might just take the cake. Even with an injured back that dude was motoring.

Jorts apparently has an incredible story about a tiny horse. I hope to hear it one day.

“It could be raining.” – Pebbles

“Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl scream in the bathroom?……They’re dead” – Whittler

“At least there were no themes today.” – Proscuitto


Zima’s announcement presentation was phenomenal. Precise, direct, and to the point with an incredible flow. I hope I got it all.

Chubby’s Monday Nights – Volunteers needed for the back end of January and all of February – sign up on the 3rd F channel

Tuff Muff – February 19th

4th F Weekend – May 20-22 – Get with WuzntMe for details

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