Conscientious Objector

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 01/21/2022

PAX: Blair Witch, Choo Choo, Full Moon, Ramrod, Tube Squeeze 

AO: Hacksawi


Somewhere between — I can’t feel anything and 28 degrees. Giant “Ole Glory” was waving with glorious symmetry in the whipping winds. Desmond and the many others looked upon us as a reminder to always give “just one more”.


SSH x20 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Willie Mays Hayes x12 IC
SSH x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to “The” Flag, and drop our blocks with Desmond to stand guard. From here, we started the Thang.

Catch Me if You Can
Grab a partner. Partner 1 completes 20 Plank Jacks.
Partner 2 bear crawls.
Partner 1 moseys to Partner 2.
Flapjack it.
Rinse and Repeat it until we arrive back to Desmond.
Plank for the Six.

Upper Body Dora
Shoulder Presses — 200
Curls — 200
Bench Press — 200
Bent Over Rows — 200
Leg Raises — 200
Pax seemed to grumble a bit about the traveling method. If YHC recalls correctly, it was something along the lines of; “we couldn’t just do a regular Dora, we had to almost like a suicide thing or ladder deal”.
Above is a pretty accurate description: each time a partner traveled he went to, he went one Star further and ran back. Once we got to the Army Star, it got much much easier as we worked our way in reverse from there.
Time. Mosey to Flag.


Desmond Doss, known for incomparable bravery, was a “Conscientious Objector”. In the times I have Qed Hacksaw, I failed to truly recognize this American Hero, and the example he gives us in which to live.
We all have a moral compass, and in today’s world, we are often encouraged that our moral compass calls us to anger or “set aside” someone with different viewpoints or different moral compasses.
Desmond Doss reminds us we should have a different approach in life.
As Choo Choo reminded us at Shot House on Monday, our mental state and mental discipline, or lack thereof, guide our habits. Our habits create a perception of us to others.
How do his COT meld with Desmond Doss’s lesson? A strong moral compass will guide self-discipline which will create positive habits which, in turn, will only help others see a positive light and love in us.
See, Desmond had a strong moral compass, so much so that he loved his fellow man enough to serve and risk his life but also stood behind his morals of not harming another person. He reminds us of the power of standing strong in our morals while also providing love and service to others.
How about we strive to do this? Stand strong for what is right. What is right is loving and serving others. This takes immeasurable amounts of self-discipline, BUT it also leads to positive habits that impact others in a positive way.
Finally, in turn, those positive habits often lead to the “change you want to see in the world”.


“WE couldn’t just do an easy Dora, we had to do like a suicide or ladder type thing” — Full Moon
Somehow, Totanka’s running pace was mentioned…News Flash — He. Runs. Fast.
Apparently, there was a lot of arm work completed at the Hackliment locations this week.
“There is no fast way to do these either” — response to a change from Upright Rows to Leg Raises


Tough Muff — Details coming

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