Back to School

QIC:  Tatonka

Date: 01/28/2022

PAX: [List PAX only] Abercrombie, Blackout, Cavity Search, Free Bird, Pocket Taco, Shawshank, Sniffer, Woodrider, Wuzn’tMe

AO: Parliament


Mid 30’s with no wind. The perfect weather for staying put and generating exceptional mumble chatter


Mosey 1 lap
Side Straddle Hop x 10 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 IC
Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 IC
Seal Claps x 10 IC
Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
Morrccan Night Clubs x 10 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x 10 IC

The Thang

Back to School
This was inspired by and a variation of the Billy Madison from the F3 Exicon. PAX worked their way through each year of school by completing a Mid Term exercise for 1 minute followed by a Final Exam exercise for 1 mintue.

Elementary School Years
1st grade
Mid Term: LBC
Final Exam: Merkins

2nd grade
Mid Term: Side Crunch
Final Exam: Hand Release Merkins

3rd grade
Mid Term: Pretzel Crunch
Final Exam: Spider Pushups

4th grade
Mid Term: BBSU
Final Exam: Alligator Pushups

5th grade
Mid Term: American Hammers
Final Exam: Close Merkins

Indigenous People Run x 400m

Middle School Years
6th grade
Mid Term: Flutter Kicks
Final Exam: Diamond Merkins

7th grade
Mid Term: Freddie Mercuries
Final Exam: Wide Merkins

8th grade
Mid Term: Box Cutters
Final Exam: Archer Merkins

Indigenous People Run x 400m

High School Years
9th grade
Mid Term: Crunchy Frogs
Final Exam: Burpees

10th grade
Mid Term: V-Ups
Final Exam: 8 Count Body Builders

11th grade
Mid Term: Plan
Final Exam: Kraken Burpees

12th grade
Mid Term: Iron Cross
Final Exam: Navy Seal Burpees Sadly, PAX ran out of time to complete the 12th grade final exam and had to drop out of school with the finish line in sight


I shared the passages below from a devotional book I was gifted recently.

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing o fyour faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” – James 1:2-4

”Kids need to see faith on display. If they see doubt, fear, and negativity in our lives, they will model that – and likely suffer some unhapy days as a result. But if we hold our heads high during adversity, we teach our children how to respond rightly when adversity comes their way – as it surely will.”

The above passage applies to us as fathers but also still holds true to us as husbands, friends, and coworkers. If we act negatively, whether consciously or subconsciosly, we will feed others with negativity. If we approach life and all its trials and tribulations with a positive mindset, others will feed off of that and be more inclined to respond with a similar attitude. Our children are sponges and soak up every ounce of what we present to them. They will be representations of how we act and hold ourselves. So too are those we hang around and choose to associate with. If we choose to hang around those that approach life with a doubtful and fearful mindset, we will most likely find ourselves emulating these feelings. I challenged the PAX to surround themselves with those that promote a healthy, happy, positive approach to life (such as that which can be found at any F3 beatdown) and continue to spread that throughout their days.


Sniffer needs to replace just about every part of his body. ”It’s supposed to click and pop everytime, right?”

Square pizza, chicken nuggets, corn, and apple sauce is the meal of champions

Wuzn’tMe’s PE teach in elementary school, Ms. Baker, constantly yelled and never enjoyed the touch of a man.

Strategically placed trapper keepers, flip up buckle tucks, braid belts. Middle school is awkward. If you know, you know.

We fell slightly short of completing our senior year. Wuzn’tMe reminded us that G.E.D. translates to Just As Good.

Shawshank is launching an AO in Ringgold.


Tuff Muff is Feb 19th. 3 AO’s, 3 beatdowns, 2 runs/ruck/bike rides in between AOs.

4th F Weekend in May. Please talk to Wuzn’tMe if you’d like to sign up. He’d like to have a final headcount and close off sign ups by the end of February so he can get everything in place for the event in May.

Cavity Search is rally the troops to go to the TN-AR basketball game in Knoxville.

There is an event at Silverdale Baptist Church coming up that involves cooking wild game and gun raffles. Talk to Sniffer for more details.

Gretel has put together a signup for super bowl squares. $5/square, $125 payout each quarter to the winner.

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