Group Exercises do not imply Partner Exercises

QIC: Full Moon

Date: 01/28/2022

PAX: AOL, Escobar, Mayhem, Ramrod, Seagull, Toe Tag, Tube Squeeze, Uncle Joe

AO: Hacksaw


Still cold, 35ish, but not as miserable as the other day


SSH x25 IC, WMH x12 IC, Toe Merkins x25 OYO, Forward Fold x10 IC, LBAC x10 IC, RLBAC x10 IC, Tea Time OYO (not a partner exercise, despite Uncle Joe’s insistence it is)

Mosey from the Flag to the Flag

The Thang

Friday fill-ins are fun (alliteration, amiright?) – will we do the same thing as Wednesday? Will it be something completely brand new and earth-shattering? Or, way more likely, will YHC shamelessly duplicate another workout (with some mods) from a recent post?

For this routine, PAX were advised to focus on form and not worry about # of sets – some of them took this to mean they need only apply minimal effort, which was promptly struck down – underachieving does not equal solid, hard work (TWSS)

The Workout that is much better with music, but no music was provided:
13 of each:
Air Lifters (somebody’s gotta raise this roof)
Leg Lifts (Heels to Heaven, Kamala Harrises, et al.)
Plank Jacks
Dips – these can be a partner exercise, should you need more resistance (and have a willing partner… TWSS)

Do 13 reps of each, take a lap on the inner loop, then do 12, then 11… down to 1 – be sure to take a lap after each set (this is a Full Moon Q, after all). Most PAX got through the set with 6 reps of the exercises, while the overachievers absolute units (cough, AOL, Mayhem, Toe Tag, cough) got through 5, maybe 4


Birthday Burpees for Tube Squeeze!


Patience and being present, especially with 2.0’s. YHC’s kiddos are amazing all the way around (no bias), but they sure know how to press buttons. Being patient and letting them work through feelings/outbursts/etc. is much easier, eventually, than exacerbating the situation by blowing up. Regarding being present: it’s all to easy at the end of a long day to just sit and peruse the ole phone (esp. on Friday’s with Pro’s Wordle commentary…) but, you know what’s way more fun? Cooking fake food and mixing fakes drinks with the 2.0’s for a fake party they are putting on later – cheers.

Be patient. Be present. Be kind. Enjoy life and the people around you.


“I could certainly do without the laps” and “I’ve seen enough of you this week, Full Moon”


Chubby’s – we need to fill up Feb. schedule

Multiple Habitat for Humanity opportunities available – see #3rd-f channel and Mayhem – these may be rescheduled based on response

Tuff Muff coming up – see #convergence-csaup channel – gonna be fun/ridiculous

4th Weekend – see channel and/or WuzntMe

The U officially launches Monday, 1/31 – Mondays & Wednesdays 0530 at East Hamilton High

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