QIC: [Tinsnip

Date: [01/29/2022]

PAX: Abercrombie, Cooter, El Chapo

AO: The Battery


So cold it busted my ball! 19 degrees but with the breeze felt more like an artic mission was about to happen than a workout.


   Side straddle hops 20

   LBOC forward 10

   LBOC backwards 10

     Keep arms up

   Raise the roof 10

   Forward fold 10

   Willy Mays Hays

The Thang

Lets roll 5s
Setup 4 stages with 4 workouts at each stage. Set up yard dart game in-between 2 of the stages with a heater to the side. At each stage everyone rolls a dice. If you roll a 5 everyone at that stage does 5 burpees. Starting at stage 1 you do 1 rep each. Mosey to the next stage and do 1 rep each until all stages completed. Rinse and repeat but add one rep every time around. At each stage everyone rolls a dice. If you roll a 5 everyone at that stage does 5 burpees. At any point you want to warm your hands you can take a turn at the yard dart game. If you hit the circle everyone does 5 burpees while you sit by the heater until they finish. If you miss you do 5 thrusters.

Stage 1


OH Press


Kettle Swings

Stage 2

Dive Bombers

LB Crunch

Plank Shoulder Taps

Imperial Walker

Stage 3

Side Straddle Hops

Mountain Climbers


Flutter Kicks

Stage 4



4 Way Lung (lung front, side, back, squat each leg)

Toe Merkins

Rinse and Repeat


Took the time to thank the men for showing up in this miserable gloom to workout with me. Being a part of the F# Nation even though I can only come on the Saturday workout has been a great experience.


We rolled 5s 18 times at the stages and yard darts added 3 more times. We completed 5 rounds of the stages. The pax stayed together which was nice for a small group in 19° weather. The goal for a large group would be for each pax member to go at their own pace which allows each pax member to make their workout match their fitness level. Also, this allows a random member to come into a stage and roll the dice. With that you could be half way through your stage and someone shows up and adds burpees to your round. This should push pax members to finish before a new person shows up to roll the dice. We did hard count on the 4 way lungs which sucks and should be modified. I had intentions of playing a soccer style game with a 6ft beachball I brought but the cold weather made the plastic brittle and it cracked before we ever started. This with be something for another day! I was surprised how eager the Pax was to get to 100 burpees. Don’t underestimate the amount of suck someone will go through to make another Pax member do burpees haha!


Tuff Muff coming up and Chubby’s Ministry

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