Modified Mini-Murph

QIC:  Irish

Date: 02/15/2022

PAX: Rodeo, Sunburn, Castaway, Brain Fart, V-Squared

AO: Boneyard


Clear 29. Full moon cast a eerie glow over the AO.


SSH x 15 in cadence
Forward Fold – oyo
Downward Dog – oyo
Seal Claps x 15 in cadence
“Quad” Stretch – oyo
Pigeon Stretch – oyo
LBAC x 15 in cadence
LBAC (reverse) x 15 in cadence

The Thang

Five rounds of exercises. Each round started with a mosey around the AO track. Loose adaptation of the The Murph exercise, but with the same level of respect for LT Murphy, USN, patriot and hero.

Round 1:
Mosey Lap
Pull Ups: 10
Merkins: 20
Jump Squats: 30

Round 2:
Mosey Lap
Dips: 20
Incline Merkins: 40
Lunges: 60

Round 3:
Mosey Lap
Decline Merkins: 30
Imperial Walkers: 80
Monkey Humpers: 120

Round 4:
Mosey Lap
Dips: 20
Incline Merkins: 40
Lunges: 60

Round 5: (truncated due to time)
Pull Ups: 10
Diamond Merkins: 10

Cool Down:
Various broga poses and stretches (Mountain Pose, Cobra, Forward Fold, Downward Dog, Child’s Pose, etc.)


A failure to plan is a plan to fail, even for far-off events. As I reflected on my mother-in-law dying, I realized that there was really no plan on final resting place, funeral, etc. So in the midst of grief, the family also has to plan a funeral, make arrangements, etc. – essentially be a project manager and coordinate a lot of activity instead of focusing on their loss and their loved ones. It’s a bit macabre, but having a plan for your final arrangements now is an incredible gift to your spouse and family as it allows them time and space to mourn. YHC has some homework to do this weekend . . .


-Tuff Muff
-Habitat (may be moved due to conflict with TM)


Apparently YHC doesn’t know the difference between a hamstring and a quad (or his right from left for that matter). The group turned to the expert opinion of our resident MD, Brain Fart, who showed his disdain for all anatomy below the neck, referring to the entire leg as a “lower appendage.” We are not sure if we did quad or hamstring stretches, but we did work on our lower appendages during this beatdown.

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