The moon was full but there wasn’t a Full Moon and the workout was cheaper than Ducktales’ shampoo budget

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 02/16/2022

PAX:  Blue, Cleaver, Ducktales, Dundee, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Lyft, Milkman, Ponce de Leon (Respect), Roomba, Shake N Bake, Sherlock, Starbucks

AO: Shot House


What if I were to tell you that the wolves didn’t howl this morning on a full moon? What If I were to tell you the disclaimer was really just a public introduction of self; almost like a really poorly written foreskinword in a fantastic adult diary novel series entitled “50 shades of Gray Ramsey”? What if you were told to bring a block, but instead, you brought a 40lb sandbag to really assert your alpha? What if a bengal and a rams really did have a contest? What if I were to tell you that the key to a positive perspective had nothing to do with what you were doing or where you are going, but where you are right now? And, what if I were to tell you that the mere thought of Dragnet’s Sergeant Joe Friday could really ratchet up a free men’s workout? 1Ladies and Gentleman, the story you’re about to hear is true. The facts have been changed to protect the innocent.

42, relatively humid, clear until the clouds approached (warding off the wolves and witch spells), UV Index was super low (Ducktales still applied sunscreen to his fantastical dome), 100% chance of cult-related activity on the grounds of Hixson High School, one runner who apparently just runs in different directions for varying lengths of time on the track which doesn’t make sense if you just think about it”’;;;;,,:–..;;;; he went nowhere until he was gone, but where did he go? I already told you, nowhere….



Blocks carried to the field in a circular fashion with a pretty medicine ball placed squarely in the middle of the circle (but this isn’t a cult; no way, no how)

SSH, Forward Folds, Right Over Left, Left Over Right, 3rd Graders Exercising, Windmills (not WindMeals; very different), Arm stretching, Alpha noises, bones creaking and popping (and locking), High knees, Wide High Knees (which are high knees if you are inflexible), Smiling and laughter, as the music plays on

The Thang

Already in a circle, we stayed in our circle, so as not to upset the subtle ways that make our group not cult-like
Dark Webbs
8 exercises in 4 pairs done 2 at a time with a ratio of 1:2 starting with 12 reps and decrementing each time (but, you get it…)

Starting at 12:24 (like I said, 1:2 ratio starting at 12), we completed the following thousands of times times; just literally could not even count

  • Merkins : Overhead Block Press (does anyone smell burgers? Starbucks maybe)
  • Jump Squats : Bonnie Blaire’s (hard count; these will soon be “Erin Jackson’s”; #stayWoke)
  • Big Boi Sit ups : American Hammers (hard count)
  • Burpees : SSH (hard count)

We had time for 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 round reps, respectively.

After each round, we turned to one side of the track and did some form of cardio; but not like runner guy, he’s on a whole other level of “whoKnowsWhatHesDoing”


Heard a quote recently, “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows happiness under his feet.”

It seems we’re all so busy and so quick to pivot that we are looking to the next thing. Any amount of thanks or happiness in any circumstance seems to fly by, almost as if it’s a temporary or momentary moment of thanks and gratitude (yep, been there, done that, got the thing, moving on…). Many blessings last a lifetime, but how long are we thankful for them?

Last week F3 Friday shared the quote from Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday when he talks about how football is a sport of inches, but it’s played on a field of 100 yards; that’s alot of inches (do your thing, Blue). The focus for any moment on the field and during the game, needs to be right in front of you — no more than 6″ away. A great reminder of what is important, where you should focus your time and where your happiness lies.


I had two quotes for the COT today, Ducktales told me that I should lead with my other quote, so I did. It bombed, but Dundee was there and he gave a courtesy laugh (thanks bruv!).

It was later made pretty clear (stay till the end for our great revelation) that there were many Baptists in the group today.

If you’re still reading, the quote was “Waking up is only the second hardest thing in the morning” cue the Price_Is_Right.wav sound

Like Rick Flair always like to say to the ladies he surrounds himself with,” honey, you weren’t my first, but you certainly won’t be my last!” – I tell ya, that Rick … he is such a good guy! HIM STUFF!

If there was a contest for the most awkward and difficult start of a workout, I think Shot House wins it. The stadium and track is easily a Go Ruck “Light” from the parking lot. Speaking of, Ducktales has announcements on Grow Ruck Nashville and other things.

Now back to the revelation we made, during the prayers, we asked for any intentions or praises… no praises because “Noone’s happy about anything” as Geek Squad shared; I’m told this is very Baptist. The Presbyterian’s also would like to have a word. The Catholics aren’t unhappy, they’re just really really guilty and they’re (still) trying to figure out the whole family planning calendar.

Always a pleasure to Q in these parts with some super committed dudes! Thanks for the opportunity Starbucks and Blue!


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